CDM2 and Electec Announce Partnership to Enhance Lighting and Electrical Solutions in BC

April 26, 2024

CDm2 is excited to announce a new strategic partnership with Electec, a pioneer in innovative wiring and cabling solutions. This collaboration aims to enrich our service offerings, technical expertise, and customer service to clients across various market sectors.

Electec, founded in 1978, brings its robust experience in engineered cabling systems that are both sustainable and reliable. The company offers ease of installation and flexibility that cater to commercial, industrial and institutional applications. With a focus on environmental consciousness and compliance with North American certifications, Electec continues to evolve its offerings based on direct feedback from contractors and end-users.

“The partnership with Electec further diversifies and enhances our integrated lighting, controls and electrical solutions.,” said Darren Luce, President of CDm2 LIGHTWORKS. “Electec’s commitment to innovation and quality perfectly aligns with our goals, to effectively meet the dynamic needs of our clients and their projects.”

“We are thrilled to partner with CDm2 LIGHTWORKS, an agency that has demonstrated service excellence in the lighting industry. This partnership is an exciting opportunity for Electec to reach new markets and contribute to more sustainable and innovative construction projects.” – G. Douglas Hyde, President, Electec


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