Transforming Engagement: Intralec’s Social Media Strategy

October 13, 2023

Intralec Electrical Products is embarking on a mission to enhance the efficiency of its social media presence while fostering greater engagement with its valued customers and channel partners.

The primary social media channels at Intralec include LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and X (Twitter). Anticipate an influx of content-driven posts, collaborative opportunities, and increased activity from Intralec across these platforms. As the company forges ahead, the existing social profiles, like @Intralec.1977 on Instagram and LinkedIn, will continue to operate as the official agency social accounts with an enhanced emphasis on engagement.

Daniela De Marco, Marketing Manager at Intralec, underscores the significance of social media in the company’s marketing strategy, stating, “Social media plays a pivotal role in our marketing efforts, and we are committed to optimizing our communication channels to provide our customers and partners with effortless access to product information, updates, and collaborative opportunities.”

Take the first step in connecting with Intralec by visiting the following social platforms:


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