Toolkit from EHRC: Illuminate Opportunity, Equity in the Workplace

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Do you want your workplace to be inclusive, forward-thinking and disruptive?

We each think differently based on our culture, language, lived experience, and personality. Teams that include people possessing a rich range of identity factors have been shown to work smarter; collaborating with people who are different from us can challenge our brains to think in new ways and boost its performance.

The more viewpoints and perspectives are broadened, the more “group think” is challenged. This in turn can lead to more accurate decision-making and more creative and innovative problem-solving.

This innovative culture that diversity of thought can bring into our sector will help our employees be more engaged and productive, strengthen the capacities of our teams, and enhance our brand in the competition for talent⁠—and so enable us to better serve our increasingly diverse customer base.

To encourage diversity of thought and perspective, three key elements must be integrated into our talent management approach:

  • Diversity: Reap the benefits
    By attracting and hiring a range of talent⁠—including women, Indigenous peoples, newcomers, visible minorities and persons with disabilities, and beyond.
  • Equity: Disrupt the barriers
    By making sure our HR practices are fair and free of systemic barriers, to ensure all members of our workforce are fully supported and have opportunities to advance.
  • Inclusion: Demonstrate the behaviours
    To create and sustain a welcoming, supportive culture so all talented employees can contribute their best and feel valued for their contributions.

It is always important to lead the way in bringing together a wealth of experiences, identities, ideas and opinions to spark innovation and drive performance in our organizations.

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