Soft Skills: The Key to Success in Life & Business Webinar


May 4, 2021

Managing change requires a set of soft skills that enables you to harness a growth mindset and the power of empathy. Once you learn the tools to help boost soft skills, your motivation and performance will change and you will begin to realize and reach your goals, both professionally and personally.

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About the speaker

Benoit Chalifoux is an international speaker on soft skills, sales and diversity in the world of business. He has given more than 500 conferences to companies of all sizes in Canada, Africa and Europe. 

In the School of management of the University of Quebec in Montreal (ESG UQAM), he is the deputy director of international affairs and a lecturer.

He also taught across the globe while supporting various start-up. He is the author of a book on interpersonal skills “Être à son meilleur”. 

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