Then and Now: The Visit of Mason Armstrong

January 24, 2023

Posted by Leslie Clarke, President, Paul Wolf Lighting & Electric Supply Ltd.

A huge thank you to Mason Armstrong of Turolight for stopping by to surprise those he worked with many years ago and has not seen in 30 plus years.

Mason was one of the people that helped make Paul Wolf the name brand it is in downtown Toronto. Starting his career here, on the counter and then moving into sales. Here at Paul Wolf is where he learned to love the industry!

Mason was and is a man with a mission and clear goals in mind. Picture a sales representative who used to jump on the street car with boxes of lamps under his arms to make sales calls in the downtown core. This story just makes me smile every time I hear it. That is dedication and determination at its finest!

I asked these gentlemen what made it so fun back then as I listened to them laugh hard and reminisce about those days. The number one unanimous answer was “Teamwork” everyone worked together, everyone helped each other and shared their knowledge. Number two was also unanimous…laughter and enjoying what they did. When the job was done they had time to joke around and play…like leaving the manual crank elevator on the top floor, ensuring Mr. Wolf couldn’t come up and catch them playing a short game of ball hockey! Those were the days as per Cosimo, Domenic and Mason.


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