Electrical Safety Authority Recognizes Safety Excellence in Ontario

December 18, 2023

Recently, on December 6 of 2023, the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) held its Annual Meeting and Ontario Electrical Safety Awards to celebrate leadership and achievements in electrical safety. In addition to the awards, ESA’s Chair Christopher Hopper, and Chief Executive Officer, Josie Erzetic, highlighted ESA’s accomplishments from the previous year, and Patience Cathcart, Public Safety Officer provided key findings of the 2022 Ontario Electrical Safety Report. 

The 2023 Ontario Electrical Safety awards were presented by Eric Kingston, ESA’s Vice President, Operations in the categories of Worker Safety, Consumer and Home Safety, and Powerline Safety. Mr. Kingston also presented the Licensed Electrical Contractor Recognition Award. Patience Cathcart, Public Safety Officer presented the Public Safety Officer Special Recognition Award. 

The 2023 award recipients are:

Worker Safety: Utilities Kingston

Recognized for their strong commitment to educating workers on electrical safety for both their own employees and contractors working in the Eastern region with their annual two-day Safety Days. The Safety Days provides safety requirements and information for employees of Utilities Kingston and Contractors working for the City of Kingston on underground and overhead utility infrastructure. The annual event features a diverse range of training sessions and informative presentations from guest speakers. The event serves as a platform for disseminating crucial safety knowledge and best practices, fostering a culture of safety excellence within the organization and the broader community.

Powerline Safety: Roxborough Bus Lines

Roxborough Bus Lines is being recognized for taking a significant step towards ensuring the safety of schoolchildren and its drivers by having specialized training on the dangers of downed powerlines for its school bus drivers after a near miss incident with a downed powerline. The company has trained over 500 drivers to understand the risks associated with downed powerlines and how to protect both the students on board and themselves in such scenarios.

Consumer and Home Safety: Innovation Electric Inc 

Innovation Electric Inc was honoured for their contribution to educating children and their dedication to bridging language barriers and ensuring electrical safety information is accessible to all. Innovation Electric Inc launched a colouring contest for children to participate in with their families in their own language. Through this initiative, Innovation Electric Inc not only empowered children but also their families and communities to make informed decisions regarding electrical safety. By engaging with children in a language that they and their parents understand contributes to safer homes, schools and neighbourhoods. 

Licensed Electrical Contractor Recognition Award: Roberts Onsite Electrical 

With 85 years of experience in the electrical industry, Roberts Onsite Inc. is the recipient of the 2023 Licensed Electrical Contractor Recognition award for their outstanding commitment to creating a safety culture with their employees. In addition to their proactive safety measures and industry participation, Roberts Onsite embraces the principle of continual improvement. They consistently seek ways to enhance their health and safety practices, making sure they are in line with the latest industry standards. This approach promotes regular communication, training, and evaluation within the organization, ensuring that their employees are always well-prepared and their safety measure are up to date. 

Public Safety Officer – Special Recognition Award: Rob Ellis 

Rob Ellis, the Founder and President of MyWorkSafe, was the recipient of the Public Safety Officer award for his tireless commitment to improving workplace safety and his unwavering dedication to protecting workers lives especially those of young workers. Mr. Ellis has worked with organizations around the globe, raising awareness about the critical importance of working safely. Mr. Ellis’s “call to action” for workers empowers individuals in the workforce to take responsibility for their safety and the safety of their colleagues.

He also champions the rights of young workers by providing them with the initiative “Don’t be afraid to ask”. It encourages young workers to ask if they are unsure or need more training on the job. Rob Ellis’s efforts to ensure that workers are aware of the dangers that exist in workplaces, regardless of the industry or setting, are nothing short of noble.


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