CSA Group Contributing to Building a Circular Economy in Canada


March 16, 2022

CSA Group has joined the Canadian Plastics Pact (CPP) as an Implementation Partner and Circular Economy Leadership Canada (CELC) as a Strategic Partner. Through these relationships, CSA Group joins other leading industry, government, NGO, and public-sector organizations working collaboratively towards a circular economy in Canada.

As an Implementation Partner with the CPP, CSA Group has joined other organizations across the plastics packaging value chain supporting the Pact’s vision of keeping plastics in the economy and out of the environment. Together, CPP partners are working collaboratively towards four ambitious 2025 targets, adopting the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s vision of a circular economy for plastics. This has included the release of Roadmap to 2025: A shared action plan to build a circular economy for plastics packaging and championing the Golden Design Rules for Plastic Packaging Design within Canada.

As a Strategic Partners with CELC, CSA Group will join corporate, non-profit, and academic partners committed to developing pioneering solutions at all stages of the life cycle of products and the acceleration of the transition to a circular economy in Canada across the major economic sectors.

As an organization that is already leading efforts in standardization and research towards a more circular economy, CSA Group is well positioned to contribute to the efforts of both CPP and CELC in developing foundational research and national standards to advance circularity.

“Creating a sustainable, zero-waste and low-carbon- circular economy in Canada will require collaboration from the entire value chain, and strategic research and standards will play a crucial role in implementation,” said Michael Leering, Director, Environment & Business Excellence Standards, CSA Group. “The networks established by CPP and CELC are invaluable to Canada’s efforts as they’ll encourage cooperation, accountability and action, and we’re proud to join these initiatives to support their objectives.”

“Creating a circular economy for plastics in Canada will require working collaboratively with partners like CSA Group to create common standards and definitions to support and accelerate this transition” said George Roter, Managing Director of the CPP. “We are excited for the contributions CSA Group will make alongside our other partners from across the plastics value chain.”

“In order to accelerate the transition to a circular economy, we need to work collaboratively to drive market demand and scale the supply of circular products, services, infrastructure, and solutions.  Standards play a critical role in supporting these scale-up efforts,” said Paul Shorthouse, Managing Director of CELC.  “We are delighted to be working in partnership with CSA Group to advance a more circular economy for Canada.”

In late 2020, CSA Group’s Research titled A Roadmap to Support the Circularity and Recycling of Plastics in Canada explored the landscape and potential for standards to help achieve a circular economy for plastics. The report recommended the development of several key standards and guidelines to support the marketplace as it pivots to recycled/post-consumer plastics.


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