Why Flextherm products are the right choice

The key benefits that make them ideal for your projects.

1. A tradition of excellence

For over thirty years, Flextherm has been a leading Canadian floor heating system provider. In the industry, Flextherm has built a strong reputation for quality and its ability to design and manufacture a wide range of durable, innovative, reliable, and high-performance products.

2. Exceptional service

Professional electricians recognize Flextherm’s outstanding quality customer service and technical support, and these are often a determining factor in their choice of supplier. Flextherm offers responsive service, installation advice, and effective technical support before, during, and after installation. When you choose Flextherm, you buy peace of mind for your projects.

3. Heating cable products, full stop

The Flextherm team focuses exclusively on heating cable-related products, including surface or embedded cables and mats, uncoupling membranes, installation templates, thermostats, and the ProtecTHERM line of gutter and roof de-icing and pipe freeze protection products. Because Flexthem dedicates itself exclusively to this business line, you are guaranteed a high level of skills and knowledge in the field.

4. Easy supply

Flextherm products are produced in Canada; therefore, they’re readily available, in stock or available for delivery within a short timeframe. Local production means faster response to changes in market demand, shorter production cycles, and quicker decision-making processes. Flextherm products are always close at hand thanks to an extensive distribution network.

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