Tyrone Varga Joins ABB Motion Business Leadership Team

EIN Varga ABB 400

November 12, 2021

ABB is pleased to announce Tyrone Varga’s nominationABB is pleased to announce Tyrone Varga’s nominationas head of its Large Motors & Generators Division in Canada. Tyrone will beresponsible for leading the efforts to support the Sales & Marketing for LargeMotors and Generators and integrate with ABB’s existing Motion business team.

“I am very excited to join the ABB team to help develop and grow the Large Motors &“I am very excited to join the ABB team to help develop and grow the Large Motors &Generators business in Canada. When they say the motor business is in your blood, theyare right! Stepping away from it has driven me to appreciate the business even more.I look forward to connecting with old and new customers. I want our Canadian customersto know that we are always there whenever they need us,” declares an enthusiastic Varga.

A global perspective

Tyrone envisions the electric motor business as a significant driver in a greener, cleanereconomy. “Many global green ideas are driven around electrification, as up to 45% of theworld energy will power an electric motor,” he explains. On a more philosophical note,Varga adds: “Mechanical power will drive the world, electric power can help make it be agreener world, and electric motors are right in the middle of the two as we convertelectric to mechanical power. For example, the goal is to convert engine-driven toelectrification in the Gas Industry, which in the end, can significantly help reduce thecarbon footprint.”

Significant experience in the business

Tyrone brings over 20 years of experience in sales and market development in the electricTyrone brings over 20 years of experience in sales and market development in the electricmotor industry in North America. His previous roles include senior positions at ShermcoIndustries and TECO-Westinghouse Motors in both Canada and the U.S. “I am confidentthat our partners and customers in Canada will benefit from his experience and leadership,”says Daniel Cotton, VP of ABB Motion business.

Deeply involved in the industry

Tyrone is an active member of the IEEE. He has attended and held volunteer positions on local committees for PCIC (Petroleum and Chemical Industry Committee) since 2005. From 2008 to 2019, Varga has actively supported API sub-committee for motors in the development of API546, API541 and API547 standards. Tyrone is a graduate of the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (S.I.A.S.T.)

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