Preview: EFC’s Annual Conference, May 28-30 in Quebec City


Mar 3, 2019

This year’s conference addresses a multitude of industry shifts. The theme, “Powering a Changing World,” alludes to the industry’s need to serve the new world we live in. Our industry is feeling the effects of technological developments on two fronts: the rapid evolution of the types of technology we sell, and the rapid change in the way we sell our technology.

Here’s how the business program’s four speakers will address various technological transitions affecting our industry, and how we can adapt to them.

    • Leonard Brody
— The Great Rewrite. Revolutionary change in all sectors is occurring at a frenzied pace. This massive scale of disruption has u left organizations on shaky ground, struggling to engage consumers and employees alike, and stay relevant at the same time. In this presentation, Leonard Brody will explain how to deal with the questions the future holds, and how organizations can harness the uncertainty they’re faced with and turn it into excitement, innovation, and success.

    • Denise Keating — The Amazon Effect. This session will look at the Amazon effect, offer insights on how and why disruptors are targeting traditional channels, and provide lessons that can be leveraged by distributors and manufacturers. The industry can adapt and thrive in the age of disruption to remain the channel of first-choice for their customers. Find out what you can do to remain relevant during this digital transformation and the secret for driving sales in the digital age.

    • Alan Beaulieu
—Downshifting. This presentation will provide insight on leading indicators and industry cycles that have the most impact on EFC members, including manufacturing trends as well as residential and non-residential permits and starts by province. The impact of these trends on the distribution market will be brought to focus with a forecast of what the industry can expect for the remainder of 2019 and into 2020

    • Sébastien Sasseville
— Inc.spiration: Change Management & Corporate Agility. Transforming organizations starts with finding the courage to cross starting lines, embracing discomfort and by understanding that we don’t have to have all the answers to call for change. In this session, Sasseville will explain why transforming ourselves and our organizations means losing control to gain control.

Also on the program:

    • new EFC research exploring how electric power is set to change how we work, live… and move in a changing world.

    • a new panel with inspirational members from EFC’s Young Professionals Network who will share insights on how this next generation can help transform our industry. As well, we will host an interactive supply chain workshop to help our industry move forward with digitalization.

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