Natalia Sershun Announced as New VP, Supply Chain for EECOL Electric Following Kelly Pelton Retirement

April 19, 2024

LinkedIn post by EECOL Electric

Exciting news: Transition in leadership at EECOL Electric

After 25 years of outstanding service, Kelly Pelton is retiring from his role as Vice President, Supply Chain at EECOL Electric. His leadership has been crucial in our supply chain operations and has greatly contributed to our growth.

We are delighted to announce Natalia Sershun as the incoming Vice President, Supply Chain.

Natalia’s career began within the Oil & Gas sector, with senior roles in contract management and supply chain at Suncor, Sanjel, and most recently, Graham Construction. She holds a Master’s degree in Economics and is a certified Supply Chain Management Professional (SCMP). Natalia brings expertise in contract negotiation, material sourcing and stakeholder management.

We’re confident with Natalia’s leadership, EECOL will continue thriving and delivering exceptional value alongside our supplier partners, to all customers we serve in our 60+ locations across Canada.

Kelly and Natalia will work together to ensure a seamless handover through May 31st, when Kelly begins his well-deserved retirement.

We have more to share about Kelly’s remarkable contributions to EECOL, but we will save the best of those for closer to his last day. Stay tuned.

Please join us in welcoming Natalia to EECOL Electric.

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