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June 18, 2024

Based in Seaforth, Ontario, Tyler Elligsen of family-owned Elligsen Electric recently shared his take on the Ideal Supply Rewards Program, powered by AD Rewards. The program offers a slew of perks, including points redeemable for over 6,000 merchandise and travel rewards.

Tyler is in the second generation of the rewards program, so signing on when they took over the business in 2020-21 was a nod to family tradition. “My parents were enrolled in it for quite a while,” he noted. The family continuity speaks volumes about the program’s lasting appeal.

Tyler speaks highly of his experience with the program, “I think the program is great. Obviously, the catalog rewards are great – we have gotten a lot of useful stuff that we’ve purchased over the years and continue to use today, ” he said, underlining how these rewards seamlessly fit into Elligsen Electric’s daily grind.

The program’s sway on purchasing decisions isn’t lost on Tyler. “I would say yes. Not in all instances, but it definitely helps,” he admitted, pointing out its strategic role in business choices.

Tyler is also a regular when it comes to supplier promotions. “I would say we participate in almost all of them. There’s always motivation there. I find every day when you’re working away that it’s nice to get a reward here and there,” he shared.

He handles his rewards game with a mix of strategy and flexibility. “I would say it depends on what I need and what I am looking for. The points accumulate every month, but it is nice to not always be thinking about it. Sometimes I check how we are doing points-wise, then check if there is something I need or something I am interested in in your huge catalog. That has been very convenient for me,” he explained, showcasing how the program adapts to different business needs and personal preferences.

For Tyler, the Ideal Supply Rewards Program isn’t just about transactions, it’s about trust and reliability. “Having trusted suppliers whose products we know well is super important,” he said. “You don’t have suppliers that you are uncomfortable with, just because they are involved in the program. You guys have good participating suppliers, which is great.”

Tyler shared with us one of his favourite rewards that he has redeemed through the program, which highlights the intangibles of program: “One of the things that really drives me is the golf equipment you guys offer. I’ve always been into golf myself, and now my wife wants to get into it too. So, we used the rewards to get her a set of clubs, and it’s become something we enjoy doing together, which is fantastic.”

For anyone eager to dive into these perks, joining the Ideal Supply Rewards Program is simple and straightforward. Just head to the Ideal Supply Rewards Registration  or swing by an Ideal Supply location to unlock a world of rewards tailored to your needs.

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