Hubbell Introduces the NX Intelligent Room Controller

Hubbell Controller


Hubbell Building Automation has launched an intelligent lighting control that simplifies installation with auto-configuration. The NX Room Controller provides energy-code compliance right out of the box. The NXRoom Controller integrates automatic and manual control of lighting. Auto-configuration provides an easy and affordable way to meet energy codes, including California’s Title 24 and ASHRAE 90.1. No network or software is required to set up the unit. Users benefit from intuitive energy-saving control over the lighting in their space.

Input devices such as digital wall switches, vacancy/occupancy sensors, and daylight sensors plug into the NXRoom Controller and are auto-configured to default operations. All device communication is over standard CAT5 cables, which simplifies installation and eliminates wiring errors.

More advanced configuration of dimming and daylight functions can be accomplished using a free smart phone app. Through an optional Bluetooth module, the NXRoom Controller connects directly to both Android and iOS devices. All of these features add up to efficient, trouble free installation and commissioning.

Used as a stand-alone device, the room controller is perfect for spaces that require room-level lighting control, such as classrooms and personal offices. Up to eight NXRoom Controllers can be connected. The self-contained intelligent device becomes the hub of an advanced distributed lighting control platform.

The NXRoom Controller is in stock, available to ship now. For more information on the NXlighting control family, visit  Also, follow the brand on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news and updates


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