H.G. Horsman 2023 Scholarship Winners

April 2, 2024

H.G. Horsman is pleased to award the H.G. Horsman scholarships to Brandon Wongsoputro, Mirabel Thompson, Emmett Swejda, Muhammad Abdullah, Jayden Lloyd-Ahmed, Maryyam Razzaq, and Camila Diaz.

Brandon Wongsoputro is currently in his second year of studying Civil Engineering. He will be starting a Co-op position this year where he’ll be a part of an engineering team. Brandon’s goal is to become a professional engineer, specializing in the design and construction of infrastructure and buildings. Brandon enjoys engaging in various activities such as model building, skiing, and travelling.

Mirabel Thompson is in her first year of college, studying to become an Early Childhood Educator. Mirabel’s goal in life is to leave a positive impact on the lives of those around her. Mirabel enjoys engaging in various activities such as playing the guitar, singing, hiking, cooking, and spending time with her dog, family, and friends.

Emmett Swejda is currently enrolled full-time in a Computer Systems Technology program, which encompasses various facets of the tech world, including programming, networking, hardware, system design, and more. His favourite aspect of the program is the web programming segment. Emmett’s ultimate goal is to complete his program and pursue a career in the software development industry, where he can program applications aimed at simplifying and enhancing people’s quality of life, thereby allowing them to spend more time on activities they enjoy. Some of his hobbies include fishing, snowboarding – particularly in the mountains, programming, and cooking.

Muhammad Abdullah is a third-year student pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences, with ambitions extending beyond. He plans to further his education in Dental School, specializing in Prosthodontics. In his spare time, Muhammad enjoys indulging in a wide variety of books to broaden his perspective and enrich his understanding of the world around him. His life goal is to pursue knowledge and serve humanity. Additionally, he volunteers with a faith-based local community organization.

Jayden Lloyd-Ahmed is currently completing his first year of Commerce, maintaining excellent marks in both semesters. He aspires to pursue finance in the future and plans to apply for a CO-OP program in his third year to gain practical experience in the field. Jayden has a passion for hip-hop and break dancing, having been involved in dance since the age of 8. Additionally, he enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). When he’s not in class or at work, you can often find Jayden by the Saskatchewan River, exploring the trails, or spending time with friends at a movie.

Maryyam Razzaq is a fourth-year student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in social work. Her goal is to attain a master’s degree in social work and counselling to further her knowledge and expertise in working with women and youth in the future. She has experience working with the autistic community and possesses a deep passion for working with children. Maryyam is an avid reader, finding joy in immersing herself in numerous novels to broaden her perspective on the world.

Lastly, she is driven by her ambition to establish her own counselling practice tailored towards women and youth, showcasing her dedication to making a meaningful difference in their lives. Maryyam also volunteers for local community organizations whenever there is an opportunity. In her spare time, she loves playing soccer and badminton.

Camila Diaz is currently in her second year of her Bachelor of Arts degree, with a specific focus on majoring in Sociology with a minor in English. Her main goal is to become a teacher. In her free time, Camila enjoys playing volleyball, joining clubs of interest at her university, and travelling to learn about different cultures.

E.B. Horsman & Son remains committed to providing bright and motivated students with opportunities to further their education. For more information on this opportunity and E.B. Horsman & Son, visit ebhorsman.com


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