GoodWe Expands Presence in North America through Partnership with Guillevin Co. in Canada

May 15, 2024

GoodWe, a provider of solar inverters and smart energy solutions, recently announced its entry into the Canadian market through an exclusive distribution agreement with Guillevin Co., a top electrical distributor. This agreement marks GoodWe’s first step into the Canadian market, strategically strengthening its position in North America.

Michael Mendik, Country Manager of GoodWe USA and Canada, highlighted the significance of the partnership, stating, “Collaboration with Guillevin presents a significant opportunity for GoodWe to customize our products and one-stop energy solutions to residential customers in Canada.”

With the support of Guillevin, GoodWe will introduce its range of advanced residential grid-tied inverters, hybrid inverters, scalable batteries, and accessories, providing comprehensive solutions for homes.

Richard Wilton, Product Manager and spokesperson for Guillevin, shared, “We are pleased to welcome GoodWe to the Guillevin Greentech portfolio of solar industry products. GoodWe’s reputation for quality, reliability, and innovation will enhance the credibility and depth of the Greentech offering in Canada.”

Prateek Patel, National Director of Guillevin Greentech, “We’re proud to be the exclusive supplier of Goodwe inverters in Canada. With a commitment to quality, service and relationships, Goodwe has set itself apart from the crowd and we are confident they will make waves with our installation partners!”

With over 1,000 R&D staff worldwide, GoodWe has transitioned to an energy provider tailoring for customers in different sectors, including homes and businesses, aiming to become a one-stop shop, streamlining support structures, and enhancing customer experience.

GoodWe’s residential solution lineup, EcoSmart Home, is designed to power homes with complete solar and energy storage solutions. A typical solar-plus-storage system within this lineup, for instance, comprising GoodWe’s hybrid inverter ES-US (5-11.4kW) and the Lynx Home FH-US (9.6-19.2kWh) battery, offers a versatile home solution that adapts to diverse energy needs. It also helps reduce electricity costs by facilitating energy self-consumption and peak shaving.

To ensure uninterrupted power supply during outages, GoodWe offers an auto backup device (ABD) that seamlessly integrates into the system. Incorporated into the EcoSmart Home is a smart energy management system (SEMS), empowering homeowners to remotely monitor and control the entire system, optimizing energy utilization.

“The partnership strengthens GoodWe’s position in the North American region, underscoring our commitment to expanding global reach and driving the world’s smart energy future. We look forward to future collaboration with Guillevin to promote the development of renewable energy in this market,” added Michael Mendik.

In late 2023, GoodWe launched its brand-new North America website, aiming to enhance its online presence and provide a user-friendly platform for customers and partners in the region.

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