Electrical Industry Members Among Recipients of CSA 2015 Awards of Merit

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CSA Group, a leading standards development organization and global provider of testing and certification services, recently announced the recipients of its 2015 Award of Merit. The award is bestowed by CSA Group to individuals that have demonstrated leadership in developing voluntary standards and who, through technical, administrative, or special standards activities, have advanced the purpose of CSA Group.

The following members of Canada’s electrical industry each received an award:

• Tim Driscoll of Calgary, AB, in recognition of long-standing, inspired advocacy and respected expertise in developing and advancing electrical safety standards. Driscoll is retired from Shell and now owns and operates OBIEC Consulting in Calgary

• Dale Friesen of Winnipeg, MB, in recognition of technical expertise, influential advocacy and leadership in developing performance standards for energy efficiency of industrial equipment. Mr. Friesen is Division Manager, Industrial and Commercial Solutions at Manitoba Hydro

“The Award of Merit recipients for 2015 are an integral part of standards development at CSA Group,” says Gianluca Arcari, Executive Director, Standards and Vice President, CSA Group. “Their skills, knowledge and dedication contribute to public safety, innovation and technical advancement in a variety of fields that help make a better, safer, more sustainable world for everyone. CSA Group proudly recognizes the efforts and expertise of the recipients and thanks them for their valued contributions.”

The CSA Award of Merit was created in 1979 to honour and recognize leadership in voluntary standards development. Nominations are open to all present or past CSA Group voting members, as well as former CSA Group employees that have: served in CSA Group committee activity or other associated standardization work; showed leadership in technical, administrative, or special committee activities; published papers, or made public addresses, which have been of special benefit to the work of the Association; and have advanced the prestige or interest of CSA Group.

The 2015 Awards of Merit were presented at a special awards ceremony held during the CSA Group Annual Conference in Niagara Falls, Ontario.
See a list of all recipients here.

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