Major Changes at Agence Ricard: Vanessa Ricard and Corinne Galarneau Ricard Appointed President & Partner and Vice President & Partner Respectively

September 15, 2023

Agence Ricard, a well-established family-owned business in the electrical industry, is proud to announce significant changes in its leadership. Vanessa Ricard, a seasoned expert in the electrical industry, has been appointed President & Partner, while Corinne Galarneau Ricard, a specialist in sales and acquisition strategy, assumes the role of Vice President & Partner. These appointments mark an exciting new era for the company, emphasizing a bold vision and innovative perspectives.

A Complementary Duo: Two Sisters-in-Law United for Success

In addition to their roles as partners, Vanessa and Corinne share a family bond as sisters-in-law. Their collaboration is founded on a strong friendship and mutual understanding that promises to invigorate Agence Ricard. This synergy of family and professional relationships embodies the company’s family spirit.

Bringing Fresh and Innovative Ideas with Work-Life Balance

With 13 years of experience in the electrical industry, Vanessa Ricard has made significant contributions to Agence Ricard’s growth and ongoing success since its inception. Meanwhile, Corinne Galarneau Ricard, with her background in operational and strategic sales, will bring a refreshing perspective to the company.

Denis Ricard Continues his Engagement as a Consultant

As part of this transition, Denis Ricard, the founder of Agence Ricard, will step back from dayto-day operations while remaining with the company as a consultant. He will continue to play a crucial role by providing his expertise on technical specifications and special projects.

Team Expansion and Future Opportunities

With these key leadership changes, Agence Ricard is committed to continuous and rapid growth. The company is currently seeking new talents to fill multiple positions. For more information on these exciting opportunities, please visit Agence Ricard’s LinkedIn profile [here].

These strategic appointments and leadership transition mark a dynamic wave of change in the electrical industry. Agence Ricard remains dedicated to delivering exceptional service to its clients while paving the way for innovation and excellence.


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