Talent for the Emerging Workforce During This Unprecedented Time

Trisha Utomi

May 28, 2020

By Trisha Utomi

From Electro-Federation Canada (EFC)’s membership satisfaction survey, conducted last summer, talent availability was identified as the number one concern for members’ businesses. Having the right mix of talent to drive business strategy is no longer an aspirational idea; organizations were ready to take a hard look at their current hiring and training practices to build a stronger workforce.

Now a global pandemic has been declared, and the electrical world is facing a new reality. Many companies have had to scale back their operations while others have had to adjust services to meet new customer and partner needs. Regardless, everything has changed.

If we take a closer look at this current situation, it’s clear that in order to stay in step with changing market demands organizations must evolve. In other words, businesses must continue to analyze their current strategies and solutions during this time so they can keep on top of understand the emerging skillsets needed to put their team in a far better position today and for the future.

Earlier this year, EFC partnered with PwC and assembled a committee of members to develop a research report entitled Talent for an Emerging Workforce. This report — due out this September — primarily explores key skillsets and talent development requirements for an emerging workforce with the electrical industry. Using a mix of qualitative and quantitative data, which included a nationwide survey to Canadian Electrical industry leaders and secondary sources from talent management experts, this study demystifies how electrical businesses can handle a shifting workforce (stemming from new retirements, changing technologies and the current economic climate) and provides best practices for companies of all sizes.

For instance, there’s no denying that hiring externally has its place. But one area that the research calls out is that companies have the potential to upskill their current workforce by providing professional development opportunities that help employees acquire emerging skillsets such as critical thinking, emotional intelligence and empathy, communications, and a system-thinking aptitude.

Think about the time we’re in. Business continuity, resiliency and adaptability are more critical than ever before. It’s important to establish a team that has a growth mindset and has the ability to become system thinkers so they can navigate new online communication tools and digital systems that easily and effectively connect and transact with customers and partners.

Emerging skillsets is just one of many themes that this year’s research study centres on. This report also covers these important areas:

• the most in-demand skills
• the role of the leadership team and the human resources function
• upskilling and reskilling
• the latest data and research from top talent management experts
• organizational and talent management strategies
• “high-touch” and high-tech skillsets
• brand development
• emerging roles… and so much more

Talent for an Emerging Workforce offers a treasure trove of new findings and information that can help businesses keep pace in a rapidly changing world.

To learn more about this report, due out in September, visit www.electrofed.com/industry-research.

Trisha Utomi is EFC’s Marketing Communications Coordinator

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