Stelpro Maintains its Best Managed Companies Platinum Club Ranking

May 14, 2024

Stelpro is proud to announce that it is a 2024 Canada’s Best Managed Companies Platinum Club winner, having maintained its Best Managed title for 10 years now.

Celebrating more than 30 years, Canada’s Best Managed Companies program rewards excellence in Canadian private companies. To earn their designation, companies are assessed on their leadership in the areas of strategy, culture and engagement, capabilities and innovation, governance and financial performance.

“Last year marked the end of our three-year plan for 2023, which required us to reduce the pace of growth so that we could solidify our foundations after a period of unbridled expansion. Despite the turbulence of the past three years, I’m proud to see that we’ve achieved our customer and employee promise objectives, improved operational efficiency and strategic growth, thanks in part to a better focus on key initiatives,” says Yves Chabot, Chairman and Founder of Stelpro.

With an impressive product catalogue and a well-established network of partners across Canada and the United States, Stelpro is particularly well positioned as a major player in the energy transition. As the market increasingly turns to electric heating solutions, the company will be able to support this transition with its innovative products that combine design and technology, while emitting zero GHGs. In line with the transition of electricity grids to green and renewable energy, Stelpro’s products will make a significant contribution to building decarbonization and meeting GHG reduction targets.

The company has just launched a new three-year plan for 2026 called Tremplin. The aim is to drive the company’s growth by seizing the opportunities offered by the energy transition and the potential of the US market. “Our comfort creators are fully committed to developing integrated thermal comfort solutions that promote responsible building energy management. Following the recent announcement of our strategic alliance with Innovair Solutions, we’re better positioned than ever for the future, and the strength of the synergies between the teams will enable us to achieve our objectives,” says Pierre Huard, President and CEO of Stelpro.

“For more than 30 years, the Best Managed program has recognized companies that see challenges as checkpoints and obstacles as opportunities,” says Derrick Dempster, Partner at Deloitte, and Best Managed Co-lead in Canada. “This year’s winners, including Stelpro, have combined strategic expertise and a culture of innovation to not only generate impactful business results, but also serve their communities. They should be very proud of this award and use it as a catalyst to continue the work they do every day.”

Stelpro is firmly committed to continuing its expansion and meeting tomorrow’s challenges to maintain its leadership position. To this end, it will continue to rely on innovation and its employees, as well as on the strong, lasting relationships it enjoys with its partners and customers.

For more information, visit the Stelpro website HERE.

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