Schneider Electric Delivers on the Promise of Net-Zero with Sustainable Solutions of the Future to Address Global Climate Change

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November 12, 2021

Last week Schneider Electric shared a suite of seven recent product releases and enhancements at the North American (NAM) Innovation Summit that will aid customers in digitizing their businesses and electrical systems for the future. Schneider Electric’s products and solutions are designed to support customers in their sustainability goals and enable the move to open, interoperable, digital and simplified systems that boost operations and drive smarter ways of doing business.

Schneider Electric is working with partners and customers around the world to enhance smart energy capabilities and address current energy challenges to help businesses manage energy and automation in the new normal. During Schneider Electric’s North American Summit, executives will address global climate change and discuss how businesses and governments can deliver on their sustainability commitments through energy efficiency, reliability, and resiliency solutions.

“The new sustainability imperatives we are facing call for innovative solutions. By leveraging digitization and focusing on resiliency efforts, we’ve been able to enhance the capabilities of our advanced technologies, hardware, and software,” said Annette Clayton, CEO and President, Schneider Electric North America. “This, in turn, helps us encourage our customers, partners, regulators, and policymakers to adopt swift action to rapidly reduce emissions in an effort to decarbonize the world of the future.”

The featured products at the NAM Innovation Summit, which are supporting the future of sustainable commercial buildings, homes, supply chains, utilities, power grids, and more, include the following:

Industries of the Future

Step changes in efficiency and agility are being achieved through artificial intelligence, digital twin technology, human insight supported by advanced analytics, and vendor-agnostic industrial software. Schneider Electric enables next-generation industrial automation with resilient and sustainable solutions built for the future.

  • EcoStruxure Automation Expert v21.2: Following the successful launch of the world’s first software-centric industrial automat system, including implementation across the consumer-packaged goods and logistics sectors, the new release of EcoStruxure Automation Expert v21.2 will focus on helping future-proof water and wastewater (WWW) plant operations. With seamless connection capabilities, facilities that implement EcoStruxure Automation Expert will now have complete lifecycle management, seamless integration of IT/OT services and improved system diagnostics for their automation systems, ultimately safeguarding fresh water and supporting sustainability.
  • Lexium MC12 Multi CarrierBuilt to improve automation machine performance and flexibility, Schneider Electric announced the next generation Lexium MC12 multi carrier for transporting, grouping, and positioning products within industrial operations. The new multi carrier combined with digital twin technology provides the much-needed machine flexibility to adjust manufacturing and production processes faster. Machine builders and end-users can expect a 50 percent increase in machine performance and flexibility, 50 percent faster machine installation and commission, 40 percent savings on investment costs, 30 percent reduction of design time and time-to-market, and 20 percent savings on footprint.
  • APC Smart-UPS UltraThe new 5kW APC™ Smart-UPS™ Ultra is the next innovation game-changer to address hybrid IT infrastructure challenges and deliver more power in less space. The newest single-phase uninterruptible power supply (UPS) features EcoStruxure™ for remote monitoring, management and services and is equipped with Lithium-ion batteries, making it the lightest single-phase 5kW UPS on the market. The APC Smart-UPS Ultra is EcoStruxure-ready, which allows cloud-based monitoring, delivers data-driven recommendations to optimize performance, and enables wherever-you-go visibility across multiple UPS devices.

Homes of the Future

The future of homes depends on digital technologies and scalable designs that deliver the energy efficiency and reliability solutions needed to achieve sustainable living. Stylish, intelligent, and flexible – Schneider Electric brings smart homes to life with resilient energy solutions built-in.

  • Square D Energy CenterThe all-in-one Square D™ Energy Center is a home energy system that provides unprecedented resiliency and insight capabilities into residential energy use. It gives your home a digital voice, so you can see how much energy each appliance uses in real-time. This new solution allows homeowners the control to switch between power sources – utility, battery, solar, or generators – in real-time with a single application to keep their home’s power on in the face of blackouts, power surges or grid failures.

Electrical Distribution of the Future

Enabling sustainable change means providing customers with more choice, flexibility and control of their electrical distribution systems. With power delivery becoming more distributed, complex to manage, and integrated into our everyday lives, a digitally connected power distribution solution is crucial to enabling facility teams to build resilient operations. Schneider Electric offers a full range of safe, reliable, digital solutions to drive efficiencies at every level.  

  • SureSeT: Announcing for the first time, Schneider Electric’s SureSeT next generation medium voltage metalclad switchgear, the new solution that meets customers’ demands for space optimization and operational efficiency. SureSeT offers best-in-class breaker technology with a compact design, and integrated automation and monitoring, empowering customers to do more with less. SureSeT’s unique connected features enable new capabilities to increase facility uptimes with native integrated condition monitoring for operators to manage, prioritize and triage impending equipment issues, while technicians are able to remain at a safe working distance via native wireless communications. Available in 2022, Schneider Electric reveals their latest innovation in advance for quotes, pre-orders, and awareness for their customers.
  • FlexSeTThe new FlexSeT low voltage switchboard provides unprecedented digital integrations and an innovative service model for switchboard sourcing, installation and maintenance that reduces project risk, increases construction efficiencies, and dramatically shortens lead times. FlexSeT also boasts the industry’s first switchboard to utilize UL’s Extended Manufacturing Assemblers Process (EMAP) standards for quality assurance and flexible assembly options.
  • PowerPacTThe next generation of award-winning PowerPacT molded case circuit breakers deliver performance, productivity, and connectivity in one. The intelligent and reliable multi-standard compliant range of circuit breakers enables customers to increase operational efficiency and deliver unrivaled reliability to power tomorrow. Now equipped with the Visi-Trip LED breaker locator, it is the industry’s only LED locator in a molded case circuit breaker.
  • As the most sustainable corporation in the world, according to rankings by Corporate Knights, and a global manufacturer with an end-to-end network of smart factories and smart distribution centers, Schneider Electric is on a mission to make industries of the future eco-efficient, agile, and resilient through open, software-centric automation and the latest innovative technologies. Helping customers around the world do more with less, Schneider Electric is providing the power of digitization and electrification to customers of every size and across every industry, enabling enhanced safety, reliability, efficiency, connectivity and sustainability for a net-zero future.


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