HellermannTyton Announces New Sustainability Initiative

May 3, 2023

Hellermanntyton Sustainability Initiative

New product lines will offer sustainable options in wire management.

HellermannTyton, a global manufacturer of cable management products, is rolling out Source – a portfolio of solutions made from sustainably sourced materials. Last year, the company introduced a wire harness part made from reclaimed commercial fishing nets. The part, made in partnership with Ford Motor Co. for its Bronco Sport, was the first ocean plastic product made for the auto industry.

The HellermannTyton Source initiative, so named to spotlight the materials used to make the products, is subdivided into three areas of material origin:

Covers recycled plastics, which come from excess material left over from the manufacturing process, parts that never leave the factory, or consumer products.


Pertains to products made of material pulled from the sea, including post-consumer plastics that pollute the ocean. An example is discarded commercial fishing nets, which are cleaned and processed into pellets to perform like new material. Ocean plastic threatens the lives of sea life. Experts estimate the volume of plastic dumped into the oceans to equal one garbage truck load very minute.


Features products made from naturally sustainable and bio-sourced materials, such as plant fibers, or castor oil that is used to produce PA11 material.

“HellermannTyton has developed a sustainability framework encompassing People, Planet, Product and Governance,” says HellermannTyton North American President Terry Tuttle. “As part of our Product pillar, Source leads with innovation and responds to growing calls from U.S. and international automotive customers that have aggressive goals to become carbon neutral over the coming years.”

President Terry Tuttle, HellermannTyton North American

HellermannTyton also makes parts it refers to as “sustainable by design.” These include reusable product designs, such as releasable cable ties that don’t need to be cut off and replaced when performing maintenance, and solutions made from longer lasting materials that extend the life of the product and minimize waste.

View more information about HellermannTyton’s Source products here.


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