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June 1, 2022


Electronic data interchange (EDI) is the most commonly used B2B eCommerce technology. Based on standards, this computer-to-computer exchange of business documents between trading partners increases efficiency while cutting costs by simplifying processes across the entire supply chain.

More documents are shared and processed in less time with greater accuracy, accelerating business cycles by up to 61% and reducing the number of transactions with errors by 30–40%.

Your company can achieve significant growth with EDI by selecting the management approach—in-house, managed, or hybrid—that aligns with overall operations and company culture.

As a major electrical industry EDI service, IDEA supports both managed services and in-house EDI. From reviewing the pros and cons of each approach to examining your EDI usage and company culture, here’s some recommendations for determining the best EDI strategy for your company.

In-House EDI Pros and Cons

To manage EDI in-house, a company must purchase an EDI module for the mapping and translation software, servers and hardware to run the software, and communication software to run the connection. In-house EDI also requires a team to create EDI maps, produce documents, and maintain the environment.


  • Control and flexibility
  • Managed by employees
  • Can build on existing infrastructure


  • Higher startup costs
  • Staffing expertise and costs
  • Slower implementation
  • Larger commitment

Managed EDI Pros and Cons

When outsourcing EDI, the third-party managed services vendor supplies the expertise, including data mapping, translating, sending, and receiving. Your company would designate one employee to devote 50–75% of working hours to interface with the EDI vendor, add new documents, and on-board new trading partners.


  • Lower startup costs
  • Faster implementation
  • Smaller commitment and consistent budgeting
  • Expertise and growth without hiring staff
  • Less maintenance and knowledge transfer


  • Less control and flexibility
  • Fewer multi-year cost benefits
  • Relationship with provider may need periodic re-evaluation
  • Must have a high level of trust and customer service

Examine Current EDI Usage and Infrastructure

If your company is currently doing EDI, examine how the system is being used to understand what can be improved with an upgrade.

  • Volume: Current kilo character volume per month, automated transaction types, number of active EDI trading partners.
  • Operations: Downtime, technical difficulties, reaction time to market changes, pros and cons of the current system.
  • Infrastructure: Age of current EDI solution, capacity to manage current EDI volume.

Evaluate Culture and Staffing to Ensure a Good fit

If your IT and leadership team prefer to retain control and customize solutions, keeping EDI in-house may be a better cultural fit. If your company supports strategic partnerships and prefers to be customer-facing and focused on core business, a managed or hybrid approach may be advisable.

Estimate Costs and Investment

Replacing an in-house EDI system comes with significant capital expenditures in the initial implementation as well as annual operating costs, including support, personnel, and training, and maintenance and VAN fees. The capital expense in outsourced EDI is typically just a set-up fee paid to the vendor, significantly less than the costs to set up a new in-house system. Managed services costs are operational expenses, billed on a monthly basis.

Consult the Experts If You’re Uncertain

When you’re deciding between an in-house EDI system, outsourcing to a partner, or a hybrid of the two, IDEA wants to help you make the best decision for your team. With our expertise and experience, we can help you navigate the complex world of eBusiness for maximum results no matter what path you choose.

If you’re deciding between an in-house EDI system, managed services or a hybrid of the two, get a step-by-step checklist with IDEA’s EDI Strategy Guide.

Download the IDEA EDI Strategy Guide HERE.

Connect with IDEA’s EDI experts.

Contribute Your Product Knowledge to Develop the Industry’s Harmonized Data Model (HDM)

IDEA Harmonized Data ModelHave you heard about the industry’s Harmonized Data Model (HDM) initiative? IDEA, in partnership with NAED, is calling all product experts to get involved and be recognized by the industry. People who join the Product Expert Task Force will impact the future of the electrical distribution channel.

In the next 6 months, subject matter experts (SMEs) will be harmonizing the categorization for dozens of product categories. It’s an opportunity for industry experts to participate as a SME in the HDM initiative.




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By Rhonda Cox, Regional Sales Manager, Western Canada, EGLO Canada

It is with pleasure that EGLO Canada annouces the nomination of McKenna Agencies as our representation in the specification market as well as electrical distributor channel for the markets of Alberta, Yukon, Northwest Territories and parts of B.C.

Covering various interveners within the specification market (engineers, architechts and designers), McKenna Agencies is a privately-owned-andoperated company whose history under its current ownership dates back to 1988. 

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Sonepar CioffiRenato

Sonepar has officially signed an agreement for the acquisition of 100% of shares in CioffiRenato. Founded in 1974, CioffiRenato is a company active in the distribution of electrical material operating in the Lecce province, with its headquarters in Casarano.

In 2021, with its two branches serving all the area, the company recorded sales of around €10 million. It employs 17 associates and 2 sales representatives. Thanks to this acquisition, Sonepar, already present in Puglia with six branches, will strengthen its business in the region.



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Chris Farrah

Electrozad have recently announced the retirement of Sales Representative Chris Farrah, on July 29th, 2022. Chris began his career with Electrozad on February 20th, 1983. His first position was doing deliveries as a truck driver, then advanced to a warehouse position, then a Customer service/Counter sales representative.

Finally in 1991, Chris was promoted to the position of Sales Representative where he continued to excel and increase his relationships with customers and vendors for the remainder of his career. Chris had been a valuable member not only of Electrozad's business but of the Electrozad family too. 

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Franklin Electric


Franklin Electric Co., Inc. released its third annual Sustainability Report this month, once again providing transparency, insight and data related to the Company’s performance toward Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives and goals. The commitment to these initiatives and goals led the Company to be named to Newsweek’s 2022 list of America’s Most Responsible Companies.

This year’s report includes several details related to product advancements, employee health and wellness programs, and manufacturing initiatives. 

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Changing Scene

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Ramy Yousif of Westburne is pleased to announce the appointment of Doug Bunting as Senior ...
Hammond Power Solutions (HPS) a leading manufacturer of dry-type and cast resin transformers and ...
Rexel Canada has recently announced it has acquired the Ontario based wire harness and cable ...
As part of its ongoing modernization efforts, Southwire has announced the installation of new ...
Supporting its long-term modernization strategy and building on its goal to remain generationally ...
Franklin Empire Inc., the largest independently owned electrical distributor in Canada, and MONTONI ...
Franklin Electric Co., Inc. is pleased to welcome Kyle Carron to its Industrial & Engineered ...
Adding continued investment in Canada to its core foundation of innovative Design, installation ...
AD and Torbsa Limited are announcing an agreement to merge the two groups. The ...
AimLite is proud to announce that its Products Warranty has been awarded certification by the ...


Doug Bunting

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Doug Bunting as Senior Sales Manager, Western Ontario District effective Aug 2nd, 2022. Doug will continue to report directly to me. Doug is a well-known industry veteran who has held many leadership positions over his 35 years with Westburne.

In this role, Doug will drive commercial sales activities and will help recruit, mentor, and develop our team of commercial account managers, branch staff, and project managers. He will focus on accelerating sales growth in the Western Ontario District and will play a key role in supporting vendor and customer relationships.


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Greg Parsons

It is with mixed feelings that Stanpro recently announced that Greg Parsons, Vice-President of Sales, will be retiring at the end of the year. Greg has been with Stanpro for the last 18 years as well as four years with Standard prior to joining Stanpro. Greg has been a key contributor to the success and growth Stanpro has known. He has been the face and leader of the sales force; he has built strong long-lasting relationships with customers and partners and he has been a pillar and mentor for many.

With Greg retiring, Stanpro are very pleased to announce the nomination of Adam Silverman as the National Sales Director. This nomination is effective immediately. 

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Jennifer Penton

Magic Lite is proud to announce the appointment of Jennifer (Jen) Penton to the position of National Sales Manager. Jen joins the team with a proven track record having spent the last 10 years in business development and project management with engineering consulting firm GHD.

Prior to this she earned a PhD at the University Of Western Australia. As the daughter of Magic Lite founder and CEO Tom Penton, Jen is very familiar with the company and its operations and is looking forward to bringing her passion and drive to the family company.


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AES Acquisition

RESA Power, LLC has recently announced the acquisition of Advanced Electrical Services, Ltd. Based in Alberta, Canada, Advanced Electrical Services (AES) is a NETA accredited company that has two locations in Calgary and Edmonton from which it has been providing electrical testing services since 2008 throughout Western Canada.

AES specializes in providing medium and high voltage services and products into the renewable energy, mining, commercial, utility, and oil & gas market segments in Western Canada. RESA Power was acquired by Investcorp, a leading global alternative investment firm, in December 2021 and this marks the first add-on acquisition under their ownership.

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Peers & Profiles

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  The Sonepar Ontario Region is proud to announce the relocation of their SESCO Central ...
Charlie Harte is the Canadian President & CEO for LEDVANCE LLC, as well as holding the role of ...
 This past July, Kerith Richards, who has worked for Service Wire Company for the last seven ...
Illumisoft Lighting is an innovative company headquartered in Ottawa that focuses on suspended ...
Electrimat is an independent Quebec-owned company that has specialized for 40 years in the ...
In July, Eaton announced that Vice President, Channel – Electrical Sector, Matt Cleary would be ...
Mission Technical Solutions is a recently established sales agency founded by industry veteran ...
Omid Nadi, Trade Marketing Manager with Ledvance, is a Ryerson University grad coming out of their ...

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