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Mar 11, 2021

David GordonBy David Gordon

In an industry where profit is defined as pennies, adding pennies to the bottom line makes the difference between a net loss, an average year or being a top performer. Issues that may be caused by rising material cost prices, especially at the current pace, become critical for distributors.

This can be further exacerbated by supply chain issues that are affecting many manufacturers and, as Axios, labelled “the manufacturing boom’s bottleneck.”

And according to a report from Ocean Insights reported in Shipping and Freight Resource dated February 11, the transportation delays on imported products from China are expected to continue for some time due to Chinese quarantine measures grounding truckers as well as Chinese New Year. Ocean Insights cautions that “it may take several more months for supply chains to return to some semblance of normality.” Ocean Insights points to internal travel restrictions imposed by Chinese authorities, requiring domestic travelers to quarantine for 14 days after travelling, as a new bottleneck for global shipping and supply chains.*

The profit improvement opportunity (or conversely, profit and productivity leakage)

These issues are combining to create a profit improvement opportunity for distributors if well managed according to Greg Smith, VP Strategic Partnerships with SPARXiQ. Many may know Greg from his distributor days. He started a small distributorship in Vermont and, after selling his business, was EVP for Granite City Electric Supply, where he was responsible for pricing along with having responsibility for marketing, purchasing and other activities.

After my recent article on rising metal prices, Greg reached out for a conversation and then offered to share additional thoughts that can affect distributor profitability during times of rising prices. His input is based upon his 40+ years as an electrical distributor and having primary responsibility for profit and profit improvement.

Pricing process improvement areas, pricing opportunities and proactive profit-driven sales management

2021 starts with some of the highest numbers of manufacturing cost increase notifications that the industry has seen in a while, mostly due to metal increases. For many distributors, this can be problematic as they struggle to update thousands of price records within their ERP. Updating price records is just one of many financial, inventory, accounting, and analytical considerations that distributors will need to address. The volume and percentage increase of price changes this year is both a challenge and an opportunity. 

Distributors’ challenges (and areas for profit and productivity leaks)

• Updating thousands of COGS records 

• Updating thousand if not tens of thousands of price records (if your matrix and contracts are not tied to the replacement or average COGS)

• The need to review all contract pricing 

• Review/pull all quotes pre-price increase 

• The need to review all customer-specific pricing (mostly fixed pricing)

• Remove the ability for salespeople to use the last price paid

• Making sure your cost basis in order entry is equal to the new or replacement COGS

• Potential for customer DSO to grow, some customer contracts do not allow for commodity fluctuations.

• Cash flow could be a massive deal for a lot of contractor customers

• Customers are going to be squeezing your sales team to write orders at pre-increase levels 

• Accounting for increased sales, i.e., did you sell more units or fewer units? What contributed to expanded revenue? Don’t be lulled into thinking because you grew 10+% in 2021 that you took market share

• Reduced gross margins; from my experience, if a distributor does not react quickly, they could realize as much as a 200 bps drop in margins. 

• SPA/CPA claim submission (special pricing allowances / contract pricing agreements)

Capitalizing on the opportunity

• Clean up your sales processes

• Update all contracts and customer-specific pricing

• Increase gross margins by 200-400 bps (consider, if a manufacturer increases by 5%, you increase 5.5% or even 6.2% based on product group visibility, or at least a nominal percent more or on different velocity items) 

• Identify customers that are at high risk, reduce services and increase prices

• Identify low visibility products and add extra margins 

• If you have not already done so, segregate your customers by type and size, then make sure you have margin stratification between the tiny and huge, target 800-1000 bps 

• Increased inventory valuation, LOC (letter of credit)

• Put guard rails around some of the sales team that limits their ability to make changes to your pricing matrix without authorization

• Put processes in place that create revenue and profit accountability

• It’s a great time to adjust sales compensation plans include market share growth, new account penetration, growth in units, increase in GM, etc. 

• Re-invent your analytics approach, rethink your KPIs. The old days of just measuring gross sales and gross margin increases are no longer sufficient. If you have a 10% growth in revenue for any given period, you should quickly and easily identify the contributing factors. During periods of hyper price increases, it is easy for low-performing divisions, customers, products, and vendors to get lost in the shuffle. 

There is no better time than the present for distributors to increase margins (EBITDA) than today; with volatility comes margin growth opportunity for those who want to do the heavy lifting. To be clear, this is NOT about taking advantage; this is about your opportunity to improve profitability. A 3-4% EBIT, given all the risks involved, should be a 5-8% EBITDA; at a minimum. This year is a great time to start the process. 


Consider, if some, or all, of the opportunities Greg mentions are not capitalized upon, then the opportunities Greg mentions could become productivity and profit drains on your business.

Greg’s point about the “risks involved” and the profitability improvement opportunity, especially doing this based on sales and margin improvement rather than leveraging suppliers via back-end rebates, is also an opportunity for distributors to generate incremental investment funds to support new initiatives that require continuous funding to meet growing customer expectations, such as more robust eCommerce / eBusiness services, new / enhanced value-added services, investing in specialists, and more. Let alone funding increased operating costs (wages, healthcare, taxes, utilities, etc.).

So, the question is, are you worth improving your profits to enable investment into your business?

David Gordon is President of Channel Marketing Group. Channel Marketing Group develops market share and growth strategies for manufacturers and distributors and develops market research. CMG’s specialty is the electrical industry. He also authors an electrical industry blog, Channel Marketing Group does not engage with clients on detailed pricing strategies, however, given that pricing is a critical element of sales, marketing and growth planning, we do get asked about the topic and can share opinions and refer to those who focus on the area as well as share anecdotes. David Gordon can be reached at 919-488-8635 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

* “Ocean Insights’ Report Warns of More Supply Chain Delays,” Shipping and Freight Resource,

Swati Vora-PatelBy Swati Vora-Patel

The electrical market is at the helm of innovation — from robotics and automation products that support advanced manufacturing to smart technology in homes and businesses, our industry leads innovation and competitiveness in Canada.

With advanced electrical and automation products shaping how we work, live and play, our industry is continually at the forefront of designing technologies that meet the needs of Canadians today.



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Merertu Mogga FrissaBy Merertu Mogga Frissa

Someone once asked me why we struggle with diversity and inclusion in Canada. My response was that we have never taken the time to discuss the value of both as a society. While Canada identifies itself as a multicultural country, the diverse make-up of the population itself is made to exist in a vacuum and outside of what multiculturalism seeks to achieve.

This oversight forces the discussion about racism to exist within the limits of communities impacted by it while completely removing it from conversations at social and institutional levels.

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Business Openings - March 2021In March 2021, the number of business openings increased by 1.6%, as public health restrictions were less restrictive in many provinces compared with earlier in the year. After rising steadily over the previous three months, the number of business closures edged down 0.7% in March. The number of active businesses in March was 1.3% below the level observed before the COVID-19 pandemic.

The decrease in business closures from February to March 2021 was relatively widespread across provinces and territories, with the exception of Yukon, Saskatchewan and British Columbia, where closures increased slightly.

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Catalyst For ChangeBy John Kerr

At this time of year my colleagues and I here at Kerrwil are in the final throes of producing Pathfinder, the annual benchmarking report we publish in collaboration with Electro-Federation Canada (EFC).

After reviewing the changes and the recent acquisitions and moves of the past year through the lens of COVID, I share below some notes on milestones of the past year. They provide context for what I see as a new direction the industry may be taking.

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David GordonBy David Gordon

As we transition from the pandemic many wonder about the future of sales, meaning, “What will the sales process (sales model) look like in the future,” and, essentially, “What is the role of / for outside salespeople?”

In reality, this question was asked pre-pandemic as management lamented that Sales wasn’t being as productive as they desired. Companies are always seeking to improve their processes, whether it is having salespeople better penetrate accounts, identify and call on new customers, use a different (new?) sales method...

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AD Spring Network Meeting  AD’s electrical team hosted the 2021 Virtual AD Spring Network Meeting April 21-22, welcoming over 300 member attendees from U.S., Canada and Mexico.

While the meeting itself took place over two days, AD hosted weekly strategic supplier webinars for several weeks leading up to the meeting, where AD members heard updates from supplier partners on market conditions, plans to win with AD and opportunities available in areas like training, unique products and AD program participation and engagement.



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Arkadiusz TuroczyArkadiusz Turoczy has joined ECS Electrical Cable Supply Ltd. as the company’s ECS team as Regional Manager of the Quebec region, reporting to Rick Vascotto, Executive Vice-President Sales, Eastern Canada.

Arkadiusz will be responsible for leading the sales organization in the Quebec region, working closely with Marie-Claude Marois and Rick Vascotto, to continue growing market share in the Quebec region and building business. Arkadiusz has industry experience working with Future Electronics as a sales manager and most recently as an international account manager. He will be located at his home office in Montreal.

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ABB RailWith passengers' safety, reliability and sustainability at the forefront, ABB delivered its traction power substation, the electrical heart of the Finch West LRT in northwest Toronto.

In collaboration with CYMI, a Grupo ACS company specializing in rail electrification systems, ABB successfully installed the traction power substation of the Finch West Light Rail Transit (LRT) project. After achieving this important milestone, ABB is on track to deliver the balance of the traction power substations that will ensure continued support for the new LRT line in 2023.


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EFCRegister today for this whole new virtual experience, featuring dynamic speakers, sought-after keynotes, concurrent learning tracks, expanded programming and more.

Learn from a dynamic group of speakers about change management strategies and execution, risk management and forecasting, and diversity and inclusion practices.





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Peers & Profiles

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Brett NicholdsBy Blake Marchand

Illumisoft Lighting is an innovative company headquartered in Ottawa that focuses on suspended ceiling troffer LED fixtures that utilize optical film technology to achieve a high level of performance and efficiency.

Their flagship product is the EcoWing, which is available for new construction and fixture in fixture retrofits. Their primary application target is office buildings, hospitals, and dealerships. Recent projects include the Department of National Defense building in Ottawa, AMPED Sports Lab, Queensway Carleton Hospital, and Surgenor Automotive Group.


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Jeffrey MoyleBy Line Goyette

“The ongoing integration of Rexel Utility into our Canadian business platforms has underscored our responsibility as an organization to find creative solutions for today’s challenges, as well as to prepare for tomorrow’s opportunities.”

This quote from Jeffrey caught my attention. Vice President, Supplier & Digital Strategy at Rexel Canada Electrical Inc., Jeffrey has extensive experience in the industry and is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario with a Master’s in Business Administration, focusing on internarial leadership.

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