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Role Of RoboticsWhile robotics may still be a long way off world domination, this technology has already moved past the point of simply replacing existing human activities to the beginnings of an augmented and collaborative working model alongside people, what PwC calls the “blended workforce.”

Accordingly, investment in robotics continues to grow: venture capital companies committed around $172 million in 2013 while technology leaders are already buying into robotics technology.

Consequently, CEOs around the world are positively welcoming this technological revolution, according to PwC’s latest CEO Pulse on robotics, which explores CEOs’ current perceptions of how robotics in the workplace is shaping their businesses today and in the near future. 

Defining robotics

PwC asked CEOs to think of robotics in the broadest sense; from those that are capable of carrying out physical tasks in place of humans (in areas such as manufacturing, earth and space exploration, surgery or the military in a pre-programmed automated fashion) through to those with a degree of artificial intelligence that are capable, or will be capable in the near term, of adapting to their environment and continuously learning to perform ‘white collar’ complex thinking or decision-making tasks.

Some key findings

Cost effective and productive: CEOs agree that robotics is going to make their companies more efficient, with up to 94% of those who have already adopted robotics claiming that it has increased productivity in their business.

Driver of innovation: In addition, 64% of CEOs are confident that robotics will bring new innovations to their business models.

Growing role of robotics in IT, sales and consumer service: while manufacturing and production are the areas where most CEOs have traditionally adopted robotics, they have identified IT, sales and customer service as three key areas that will also feel the robotic touch in the near future.

In addition, polled CEOs also expect that over the next five years, almost a fifth of their workforce tasks will have an element of robotics to them. Whether this will be pure substitution (58% of them also tell us they intend to reduce headcount because of robotics over the same time frame) or finding new ways of working collaboratively, it’s hard to say.

What some CEOs in the industrial products and financial services sectors have said:

• “I see robotics as a consistent way of saving cost and having more efficient processes, especially in the logistics and operational areas.” Industrial Products CEO, Latin America

• “I think the field of robotics will be able to make a breakthrough in the intellectual function of robotics as well as the physical function.” Financial Services CEO, Middle East

The challenges for robotics

As the ability and role of robotics grows, companies will also be forced to confront a series of challenges, including:

• The big “employment debate.” While a general fear persists as to the extent to which robotics and computerisation will impact the workforce, 69% of CEOs polled disagreed that robotics will make some high skilled jobs obsolete. Instead, there is a wider belief that robotics will help create new and exciting opportunities for their workers by automating repetitive tasks.

• New skills. As robotics becomes more integrated throughout the business, employers are going to have to invest in reskilling many parts of the workforce to adapt to working alongside and managing robotic processes and even colleagues.

• Insuring against risk and protecting intellectual property. As companies start to automate processes and/or introduce more artificial intelligence into white collar ‘thinking’ tasks (like knowledge management, analytics, business services and law) this new automated knowledge workforce will pose real problems for companies in terms of insuring against risk (for instance software crashes, cyber-attacks or systemic fragility) and protecting intellectual property.

“Organizations will always be riding the wave of what can be automated and that wave is always crashing onto new shores. Certainly, we believe we’ll see greater collaboration between man and machine as robotics paves the way for more sophisticated ‘augmented’ workforce models,” says John Sviokla, Head of Global Thought Leadership at PwC.

PwC’s CEO pulse provides a temperature gauge of global CEO sentiment on a variety of topical business issues throughout the year. For this pulse on robotics PwC spoke to 140 CEOs across Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Africa, North America and the Middle East in the summer of 2014. At the same time, up to 1,200 consumers from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, India, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Canada, Australia, China and Sweden were polled for their perspectives on the same topic.

With offices in 157 countries and more than 195,000 people, PwC is among the leading professional services networks in the world. PwC helps organizations and individuals create the value they’re looking for, by delivering quality in assurance, tax and advisory services. The firm’s Canadian head office is located in Toronto; 416-863-1133;


Swati Vora-PatelTalent availability continues to be a key concern among business leaders in the electrical industry: in fact, over 60% of EFC members surveyed said they do not have a robust talent pipeline in place. This pipeline is even further constrained as a result of ongoing employment challenges spurred on by the pandemic.

A global phenomenon known as “The Great Resignation” is underway which reflects a wave of workers who are strongly considering leaving their jobs in search for work that is more closely aligned with their interests with employers who provide flexible accommodations and serve a strong purpose. 

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Building Permits - September 2021The total value of building permits rose 4.3% to $10.1 billion in September, led by Ontario (+6.3%). Construction intentions in the residential sector were up 8.2%, while the non-residential sector decreased 3.2%.

On a constant dollar basis (2012=100), building permits increased 3.4% to $6.9 billion.

Ontario drives residential permits up

High-value permits for two new condo buildings valued at over $300 million in the cities of Mississauga and Toronto helped push Ontario's multi-family permits up 40.4% to $1.7 billion in September. 

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John KerrBy John Kerr

Consolidation is a natural evolution in any industry: technology changes, customers demand more, and the need to drive costs all contribute to this activity. The Canadian electrical market is mature but opportunities still exist in its related segments.

The reality is we are entering a new stage driven by how we define ourselves and how we respond to customer needs. We all understand segmentation today more than ever and desire to provide end users with greater value. 


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Gross domestic product by industry - August 2021Real gross domestic product (GDP) rose 0.4% in August, led by increases in accommodation and food services, retail trade and transportation. The continued easing of public health restrictions and further reopening across the country increased demand across many close contact service industries.

Overall, 15 of 20 industrial sectors were up as growth in services-producing industries (+0.6%) more than offset a decline in goods-producing industries (-0.1%).


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Changing Scene

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Electro Federation Canada (EFC) is pleased to recognize the 2021 EFC Marketing Award ...
Sean Dunnigan, President of Techspan Industries Inc., is pleased to announce the appointment of ...
BCEA U40 group invites you to their Professional Development virtual series...     ...
Family Enterprise Canada is proud to announce Gerrie Electric Wholesale Limited is the Recipient of ...
AD’s Electrical-Canada Division virtually welcomed members and supplier partners for its five-day ...
Expanding its North American footprint, leading control and automation manufacturer RTI today ...
Premise LED Inc. is a Canadian based lighting manufacturer and market leader dedicated to supplying ...
Graybar Canada, a leading distributor of electrical, communications and data networking products ...
Nick Foster, Leviton Canada, has been appointed 2nd Vice Chair on EFC’s Atlantic Region ...
This year’s EFC Conference hosted over 500 members from all across Canada for two full days of ...


AD GrowthAD’s Electrical-Canada Division virtually welcomed members and supplier partners for its five-day 2021 Virtual North American Meeting on Oct. 25 - 29, 2021 with the goal of facilitating strategic conversations that help the division devise new ways to stay ahead of the competition.

The event facilitated over 1,200 face-to-face meetings with 40 member companies and 62 supplier companies, cultivating relationship, allowing participants to share best practices and enabling open communication.


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EvolutionExpanding its North American footprint, leading control and automation manufacturer RTI today announced that it has named Evolution Home Entertainment Corp., a wholesale distributor of residential technology products, as the second RTI distribution partner for the Canadian market.

Evolution serves over 500 dealers across Canada, who now have the opportunity to get certified for the full line of RTI smart home control and automation products. With products shipping nationwide from its warehouse in Concord, Ontario, Evolution will also offer training and local dealer support to its dealers installing RTI systems.

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SignifyThird quarter 20211

• Signify's installed base of connected light points increased from 86 million in Q2 21 to 92 million in Q3 21

• Sales of EUR 1,643 million; Comparable Sales Growth of -4.8%, impacted by global supply chain disruptions

• Order book increased by 90% in Q3 21 vs. Q3 20

• LED-based sales represented 83% of total sales (Q3 20: 82%)

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Greg WalkerThe Continental Automated Buildings Association begins a new chapter with the appointment of Greg Walker as CEO, succeeding Ron Zimmer. Greg has been with CABA for almost 8 years working closely with the Board of Directors and leading the CABA research program and general operations. 

Mr. Walker is a Certified Association Executive (CAE) with over 15 years of experience working with associations, government agencies, universities, not-for-profit and Fortune 500 organizations. He holds a B.A. and B.Sc. from the University of Windsor and an M.Sc. from Dalhousie University.

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Peers & Profiles

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 This past July, Kerith Richards, who has worked for Service Wire Company for the last seven ...
Illumisoft Lighting is an innovative company headquartered in Ottawa that focuses on suspended ...
Electrimat is an independent Quebec-owned company that has specialized for 40 years in the ...
In July, Eaton announced that Vice President, Channel – Electrical Sector, Matt Cleary would be ...
Mission Technical Solutions is a recently established sales agency founded by industry veteran ...
Omid Nadi, Trade Marketing Manager with Ledvance, is a Ryerson University grad coming out of their ...



Kerith RichardsBy Alyssa Kerslake

This past July, Kerith Richards, who has worked for Service Wire Company for the last seven years, was selected as one of tED Magazine's prestigious "30 under 35" winners. 

"I was so surprised and totally honored. It meant a lot to me that my boss, and my company, thought highly of me to nominate me - and then to be compared and chosen from the other surely incredible nominees was pretty cool, too," said Richards of earning the distinction. "I was running out of time, I'll be 35 at the end of this year, but I feel like I'm just getting started in this industry." 

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