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Sept 10, 2020

David GordonBy David Gordon

Recently I visited a manufacturer rep client and spent time with their salespeople. As it typically goes, the conversation “wanders” into what they are observing in the marketplace (the benefit of F2F meetings!). The salespeople I was speaking with had been visiting distributors and contractors while observing applicable COVID protocols and, more importantly, being respectful of the customer.

As a manufacturer representative, the agency, by definition, is entrepreneurial. Hence the salespeople do “whatever is needed” to serve the customer. They also recognize that visibility is important.

They commented that

• they’ve been able to visit independent distributors and those that act as independents (CED profit centres and City Electric branches.) These companies are also open to their salespeople calling on customers, especially at the customer’s request. They are observing the applicable protocols and “using common sense.”

• national chains, and those that are more centrally managed, are much more restrictive with their sales organization visiting customers and only want virtual sales calls.

• few, if any, companies are open to manufacturer regional managers visiting.

• manufacturers with local staff are, in some cases, visiting distributors and end-users. However, the more “corporate” a company is (and it seems all publicly held companies), the less flexible that they are in letting their salespeople visit distributors and customers.

• contractors are open to visits.

• large industrial accounts are not open to visits unless they have an issue that will result in down-time.

The agency’s salespeople have noticed that they have been able to pick up share at contractors and distributors versus certain manufacturers ,and that contractors are moving some business from national chains because of salesperson support.

Contractor input

Last week we conducted a virtual focus group for a distributor with a small group of contractors. This distributor was in a different part of the country.

One of the questions related to COVID and asked the contractors how COVID is changing their distributor interactions and what if anything from the pandemic could carry into the future when the pandemic ends.

Interestingly, all said that they have had distributor outside salespeople call on them to assist with various issues. The “doughnut stops” have pretty much ended but the salespeople are being responsive. They did comment, however, that they haven’t seen much, if any, from national chains and that the national chains have lost some opportunities due to accessibility.

The contractors also felt that Teams/Zoom could replace some visits, but long-term a mix would be expected and that relationships were key to understanding them, their needs and creating a competitive difference, at least initially. The relationship part enables a transition to a digital relationship as it creates trust. (and yes, these were contractors from 45 to 60 years old.)

Surprisingly, none had had a Teams/Zoom experience where the distributor integrated the manufacturer (or internal staff) for a 3-way meeting to bring additional technical/project management expertise to an opportunity.

So, some observations / thoughts…

• Is legal driving decisions for larger companies?

• Does incumbency create a sense of comfort? While distributors may be reluctant to do conversions, with most offering options within a product category, more “visible” / active lines may generate opportunities and can take share.

• The pandemic will be here for a bit. Companies and salespeople will need to use “commonsense” and be respectful of their customer, but, to paraphrase the Queen song of The Show Must Go On (and an old circus phrase, “business must go on”.

• For many outside salespeople, transitioning to more of a virtual salesperson, either full-time or part-time, is a challenge because it is different and therefore uncomfortable. It’s an acquired skill set but a necessary one.

• Mark Jewell, energy salesperson extraordinaire, is addressing this issue with a timely training session titled “5 key Tactics to Help Your Sales Team Navigate the Rough Waters Ahead”. The session will focus on tactics to help salespeople achieve their 2020 sales goals. Key topical areas include 1) doing a truly effective “customer check-in” call, 2) sidestepping budget freezes by reframing energy solutions as essential spending, 3) pivoting from outside sales to inside sales by leveraging the new definition of face-to-face interactions, and 4) two more.

While companies and individuals may be concerned about flying, the American pastime of road-trips may be critical to helping you retain or take share. This is an advantage that independent manufacturer reps have in the marketplace right now — the ability to make local decisions (and not be encumbered by corporate level decisions, and conversely, these manufacturers have outsourced this decision.)

With the pandemic entering its sixth month, adaptation is key to generating revenue and achieving sales goals. It’s important to be respectful, and careful, but companies that will succeed will integrate personal and digital sales techniques to accommodate customer requests. While we know that sales in the electrical industry is a contact sport, now perhaps more than ever, it is important to connect to generate opportunities, retain market share, and possibly take share. Integrated customer engagement, and keeping it personal, are critical to taking share when there is less business out there.

David Gordon is President of Channel Marketing Group. Channel Marketing Group develops market share and growth strategies for manufacturers and distributors and develops market research. CMG’s specialty is the electrical industry. He also authors an electrical industry blog, Channel Marketing Group does not engage with clients on detailed pricing strategies, however, given that pricing is a critical element of sales, marketing and growth planning, we do get asked about the topic and can share opinions and refer to those who focus on the area as well as share anecdotes. David Gordon can be reached at 919-488-8635 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

David Gordon New 400Everyone is an expert in pricing. It’s either too high or too low based upon your role. Salespeople like it low. Management wants it high. The customer wants it “right” which, usually means “competitive” or “It’s reasonable for the value I am receiving.”

And the term “value” is intriguing as it infers that you understand
• the value that you bring
• the value that your product / service brings
• the competitive landscape (which also includes alternatives and inertia)

But I digress. 

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LDS Magiclite LS 400Magic Lite has announced the signing of Lightspec Canada Inc. as their Specification Sales Agent for the GTA.

As the Canadian Division of Lightspec, LLC, NY, this agency is headed by Steve Danzig as President and Neil Whiteford as Sales Manager. This talented sales team has over 150 years combined experience with Lighting Design, Applications, Lighting Controls, Distribution and Project Management. They are committed to bringing attentive service and expertise to their clients for their designs, projects, lighting requirements and acting as their trusted advisor and partner.

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Carol McGloganBy Carol McGlogan

EFC has just polled our members to determine the game changers that keep them up at night. Understandably, COVID-19 topped the list this year. However, talent remained the biggest issue outside of the pandemic. In September, members will have a chance to gather insights from EFC’s most recent research study: Talent for an Emerging Workforce. 

This is not intended as a spoiler alert, but “upskilling of current employees” is identified as one of the critical strategies that members need to employ...

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Manufacturing Sales - JuneManufacturing sales rose by a record 20.7% to $48.7 billion in June, following an 11.6% increase in May. Many factories operated at a much higher capacity in June, with the capacity utilization rate (not seasonally adjusted) for the total manufacturing sector increasing 10.9 percentage points to 73.3%.

Consistent with the increase in sales and capacity utilization in June, the May reference month release of the Canadian Survey on Business Conditions indicated that almost one-fourth (23.9%) of manufacturers expected to increase their number of employees over the next three months. Still, the capacity utilization rate remained 8.0 percentage points below the June 2019 level (81.3%). 

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WescoBy John Kerr

Last week Wesco held its first call detailing its results post merger with Anixter. This meeting followed Wesco’s agreement with Competition Bureau Canada to divest its legacy utility businesses (Trydor, Brews and Laprairie), along with its datacom business with annual revenues approaching CDN$200 million, according to the release of August 6.

Canadian Electrical Wholesaler estimates the merged group after divestitures will reach just under CDN$2 billion, making it the largest electrical distributor in Canada ahead of Sonepar and Rexel...

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Changing Scene

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Since 1993, E.B. Horsman & Son(EBH) has been a proud supporter of BC Children’s Hospital ...
Southwire has aquired Construction Electrical Products (CEP) of Livermore, CA. Serving the ...
Salex has announced the expansion of its lighting agency to Southwestern Ontario.   ...
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Stanpro have announced the retirement of Dennis O'Keefe, releasing the following statement ...
Mr. Steven Wright joins IMARK Electrical, Inc. as the Vice President of Supplier Relations and ...
Competition Bureau Canada registered a consent agreement with the Competition Tribunal to address ...

CEW supplychain efc 400EFC’s 2nd Annual Supply Chain Summit will be held virtually. You won’t want to miss this event…where the electrical industry meets modern supply chain technologies and emerging trends.

Overview: Digital technologies have amplified the features and functionality of our electrical products and are fast-becoming mainstream in how we service our customers and partners. Learn how your organization can pivot its supply chain strategy towards a digitized and automated enterprise, optimizing supply chain management to reach new service levels, lower costs and improve overall operational effectiveness.

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EIN 55 AD NewCanadaWarehouse 400AD is announcing that its new Canada warehouse and meeting center, located in the greater Toronto area, is officially open for business. The new facility provides Canada-based AD members with redistribution of over 75 product lines of industrial, safety and janitorial items, including private-label brand Tuff Grade.

The original warehouse location came to AD as a part of its merger with IDI in 2019. Until now, it was available exclusively for use by members in the Industrial & Safety-Canada Division. The new facility, nearly double in size from the former location, broadens the scope of AD’s warehousing capabilities to all AD divisions in Canada, paving the way for growth and added services for members.

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Steven WrightMr. Steven Wright joins IMARK Electrical, Inc. as the Vice President of Supplier Relations and Development effective September 1, 2020.  Mr. Wright will report to Jerry Knight who is transitioning to President of IMARK Electrical as of November 1, 2020.

Mr. Wright comes to us with a varied background in wholesale distribution with Vallen / Sonepar, WESCO, Ace & True Value Hardware. 

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CEW Ricard Corinne 400The addition of a new member to Ricard Agency’s team is in line with the growth and development strategy the agency has envisioned for the province of Quebec and the Ottawa region.

As an outside sales representative, Corinne Galarneau will mainly cover the south shore of Montreal as well as the eastern side of the island. She will represent and support manufacturers in Ricard agency’s portfolio while developing strong, ongoing relationships with prospects and customers.

With over 12 years of experience in public relations and marketing, Galarneau excels in business development, more specifically in the sales of world-class products and services.

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Peers & Profiles

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Tim King, Southwire Canada’s new President and first Canadian to assume the role, has taken the ...
Mission Technical Solutions is a recently established sales agency founded by industry veteran ...
  Sonepar is excited to introduce Anju Uddin as the new Marketing Manager for their Ontario ...
Electro-Federation Canada’s Young Professional Network (YPN) is a fantastic tool for industry ...
Sean Bernard is the Intelligent Controls Manager, Canada for Ideal Industries. Sean resides in ...
Jenny Ng is a Business Development Manager for the Power Solutions Division of Schneider Electric. ...

CEW 18 PP TimKing 400By Line Goyette

Tim King, Southwire Canada’s new President and first Canadian to assume the role, has taken the helm in the midst of the midst of the COVID-19 health crisis.

Previously, Tim served as Southwire Canada’s Director of Finance, HR and Administration. He has a background in economics and finance from Wilfred Laurier University. As a student, he was convinced that having a solid understanding of finance and economics would be an essential foundation to build his professional future. Over the course of his career, he purposefully acquired a broad range of skills, experience and knowledge to succeed in his new role. “I’ve had the opportunity to have worked for two large Fortune 500 corporations and I was very fortunate to have been exposed to many areas of the business. In fact, I have held 9 different roles in 15 years, in finance, operations, marketing and sales.”

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Trevor ElliottBy CEW Editorial Team

Mission Technical Solutions is a recently established sales agency founded by industry veteran Trevor Elliott. Panduit announced it would move to an agent representation model across North America earlier this year and named MTS as its Canadian representative, outside of the Atlantic provinces.

In this role, Elliott brings a long history in both supply and electrical distribution in Canada and he and his team are experienced in the Panduit electrical product line. Joining Elliott are Jean Pierre La France, Dennis Wight, Keith McRobbie, Kevin Wilkinson and Paul Stoynich. 

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