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Oct 9, 2019

David GordonBy David Gordon

Buyer behaviour is changing. Convenience is now a differentiator. Customers expect it. It’s the new definition of service. It started in the consumer world and is quickly transitioning to B2B buyer expectations, and it will become distributor reality (and is defined as “ease of doing business” by distributors in considering manufacturers). While customers expect competitive pricing and services are nice, services are typically needed only episodically. Leading retailers are now realizing that they can combine eCommerce and service to win… they are delivering convenience.

This evolution has significant marketing and service implications for manufacturers and distributors. It’s not only online buying, but expectations of convenience.

Consider, from a day being a consumer

• The dry cleaner offers drive-through drop-off; and offers to deliver when ready, next day (and they offer pick-up services).

• A regional department store offers pick-up of online orders in front of their store. No need to park in the parking lot. Park curbside. (Order online, pick up in store commonly, called “click and collect” or BOPIS. 

• Nordstrom’s offers pick-up curbside with drivers calling a special telephone number to have the order delivered to the car. They are taking Order online / Pick-up in store to a “white glove store to car delivery service… will be popular come Christmas time!)

• The hamburger shop has call-in and also offers delivery… from them (for free) as well as offering DoorDash, Uber Eats and GrubHub. (And now we have McDonald’s ads promoting McDonald’s via Uber Eats! The McDonald’s service is called McDelivery.

• Lowes and Home Depot, offer in-store pick-up of online orders… and took two parking spots in front of the store for these online buyers to park. Home Depot offers a comparable service. (Evidently customers who are coming into the store can walk from a further distance.)

And, when I was at IDEA’s eBiz conference last week someone asked me if I use McDonald’s mobile app to place an order, remotely pay, drive to a parking slot at McDonald’s for them to deliver. They commented, “faster than drive-through!” Consider what this means from a service delivery viewpoint… prioritizing customers based upon how they order and, potentially when they order, not if they are in line.

The trend?

As consumers we’re buying online, and then wanting service delivered to us. So, the buying process goes from computer to door or computer to car.

Elements of marketing get impacted

• The need for branding to ensure mindshare… get them to think of you for the product / service.

• Marketers need to diversify from promoting products to promoting their service differentiation. Why should someone buy from you, especially when x number of your competitors are offering the same products (sometimes brands) to your customers?

• The need for eMarketing. Capturing contact information, aggregating purchasing and other data and then direct and e-market to the buyer’s mailbox. But at the same time, remember that multiple impressions and media are needed to 1) break through clutter, 2) repetition is needed, and 3) people learn and remember differently. Many don’t read email, they scan. You hope they click, but print has a different capability to bring information to life.

• The role of in-store merchandizing is changing (and distributors have seen counter sales as a percentage of overall sales decline.)

• Service expectations are changing. Buyers “want it when they want it and how they want it delivered.” 

What it means

• For your website, you need to envision the experience you want your customer to have while replicating the current customer journey. While not every company can, or should, offer the ability to consummate transactions online due to ERP integration challenges (ERP capabilities, IT resources, cost), every company can have an online catalogue to facilitate customers searching for information (which is the #1 reason why contractors visit websites). Distributor Data Solutions and EvolutionX-Electrical by ES Tech Group offer very cost effective, robust solutions for distributors. Distributor Data Solutions also offers an online catalogue solution for reps that is tailored to the lines the rep represents.

• Delivering eCommerce orders solely from a centralized warehouse is only a small part of the solution. This benefits the distributor, not the customer. Customers want the material when they want it. How can you deliver? And they need to know your inventory (and the offering) locally as well as from your centralized resource or that you’ll acquire the quantity from throughout your network.

• Distributors should think of how they can re-imagine counter service. While some distributors have developed drive-ins, perhaps there is a separate “Will Call” window for “Online”? Perhaps delivered to the truck based on receiving a text? Perhaps mobile counters? Perhaps counter quick pick lists on websites that are automatically routed to the counter to be picked? Perhaps…? With counter traffic, nationally, declining, could this service / space be developed to be more effective from a customer perspective? Or what does the counter experience need to be from a sensory / utilization viewpoint?

• Customers want to be able to determine if they want to do pick-up, same day delivery, next day delivery and have their deliveries tracked. All capabilities that are becoming “site requirements.”

• They expect a quality brand experience.

• And much more… “now.” (The days of waiting 12 months for a website are not acceptable. Customers expect a phased approach and that you are always launching new services. The launching of new services also infers you are understanding, or anticipating, their needs. This becomes the definition of being known as an “innovator.”)

• Website up-time is essential. If your provider cannot guarantee 99.99% up-time, you probably need a different provider (we heard recently of a company whose eCommerce site was down for more than two weeks and we have heard of three distributors in the electrical industry who have RFPs out to change providers due to site performance!)

• Your marketing staff needs to focus on your brand as well as integrated digital marketing.

• Your sales organization needs to be a supporter. If they are not, they will never know the business that is lost to other companies that are offering your customer’s desired “e” experience.

Bottom line

Buying experiences change. Keeping your ear close to the ground. Observing B2C buyer dynamics is a precursor to what comes in the B2B space as buyer expectations are set by consumer experiences. It’s also important to seek input from a wide array of customers as well as conduct ongoing competitive intelligence.

Business is moving faster than ever. Multiple dynamics change simultaneously. How you react and eventually become proactive is the difference between surviving and thriving.

Staying close to customers to understand their needs and determining if they are “satisfied” (defined as meeting their expectations) is critical to staying ahead, innovating and driving sales. While sales is charged with interacting with customers and hopefully gathers input and feeds it upwards, frequently, if it occurs, it is only input from the largest customers.

Gathering insights, interpreting the feedback and suggesting opportunities can help drive strategy, sales and profitability through new services, enhanced ease of doing business and, in general, knowing the customer (and they feel better that you asked!).

David Gordon is President of Channel Marketing Group. Channel Marketing Group develops market share and growth strategies for manufacturers and distributors and develops market research. CMG’s specialty is the electrical industry. He also authors an electrical industry blog, He can be reached at 919-488-8635 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

In-House or Managed EDI: How to Determine the Right Fit for Your Business

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CEW-31-UNEnvironment-WorldAccreditation-400.jpgClimate change poses very real risks to people and the environment. Extreme weather events like the destructive storm we just saw in Ottawa that left thousands without electricity for days, and damaged homes and critical infrastructure, are a stark reminder that we must take action, now.

Countries around the world agree – achieving a more sustainable future is a top priority. Commitments like the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the landmark Paris Agreement and the ISO London Declaration, bring nations into a common cause to undertake the ambitious efforts it takes to tackle one of our time’s most critical challenges.

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Selling ServicesBy David Gordon, President, Channel Marketing Group

As every distributor knows, there is a labor and driver crisis in every market. It affects hiring warehouse staff as well as drivers. Today’s competition for labor is further exacerbated by competitive environments that can pay $20 / hour plus benefits (aka Amazon and others.) Further, within the electrical industry, many electrical contractors are faced with their own staffing challenges.

Industries have talked about fee-based services and many industry leaders are seizing upon the opportunity to diversify their income stream, improve profitability AND add a valuable service to their customers.

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BirdRecently, Bird Construction Inc. was pleased to announce that it has been selected to lead the design and construction of a state-of-the-art, net-zero plant protein processing facility for Phyto Organix Foods Inc. in Strathmore, Alberta. The value of the progressive design-build contract is approximately $125 million.

Bird will lead the design and construction of the facility and the 3D connectivity to the processing equipment. The 100,000 square foot facility will be the first net-zero plant protein processing facility in North America, employing industry-leading technology solutions to recycle and reuse water, leverage low emission energy sources, and reduce overall energy consumption. 

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Statistics CanadaReal gross domestic product rose 1.1% in February, the largest monthly growth rate since March 2021. Inflationary pressure remained in April 2022, when the Canadian Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose 6.8% year over year, a slight increase from March 2022 (+6.7%).

After surging by nearly 340,000 in February, employment rose by an additional 73,000 in March as Omicron-related restrictions eased, and was little changed in April. After reaching a record low of 5.3% in March, the unemployment rate edged down 0.1 percentage points to 5.2% in April.


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AD and TORBSAAD and Torbsa Limited are announcing an agreement to merge the two groups. The merger is expected to close July 1, 2022. Established in Ontario in 1966, Torbsa is a shareholder-owned group made up of twenty-seven independent building supplies distributors, with 48 locations across Canada.

Rob Dewar, president of AD Canada, discussed how Torbsa's strong leadership and financial success made the buying group an ideal match for AD. Rob Dewar, president of AD Canada, discussed how Torbsa's strong leadership and financial success made the buying group an ideal match for AD.


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In order to obtain that certification, AimLite was assessed based on five criteria: formal warranty process, warranty language, length of business/warranty insurance, technical evaluation, and claims review evaluation. By complying with the five evaluation criteria, AimLite clearly demonstrates its commitment to providing quality products and services to its customers.

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Franklin Empire Inc., the largest independently owned electrical distributor in Canada, and MONTONI are excited to launch the construction of the company’s new headquarters designed to support future growth. This family-owned 4th generation company is also celebrating its 80th anniversary this year. In summer 2023, Franklin Empire employees will move into their new facility of nearly 190,000-square-feet, conveniently located along Autoroute 40 at the junction of Autoroute 13 in Saint-Laurent and close to the Ericsson and VSL campuses developed by MONTONI. The building, which will be targeting a LEED certification, will triple the firm’s warehouse space and double its office area, while improving the customer experience and providing employees with a work environment adapted to the new reality of today’s job market.

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S&C Electric CompanyS&C Electric Company recently announced Anders Hultberg as its new president of S&C Electric Canada Ltd. Hultberg will assume his new role as the existing president, Angelo Gravina, transitions into retirement.

Hultberg’s vast industry experience includes developing and executing strategies and aligning complex operations to achieve sustainable business growth. Before joining S&C, Hultberg was the senior vice president and managing director of the high-voltage business for North America at Hitachi Energy (formerly ABB Power Grids). Hultberg’s 27-year career with ABB provided him with a variety of operational experience in production, operation, marketing, sales, and R&D. He also held numerous ABB leadership roles across the world, including the past nine years in Canada.

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Larry SternThe Industry Data Exchange Association, Inc. (IDEA), the electrical industry-endorsed technology service provider and eBusiness standards body, announces its 2022 Board of Directors. Larry Stern, President of Standard Electric Supply, is the IDEA Board Chair for the coming year.

“Larry’s experience and strong leadership are a driving force to tackle industry challenges and pursue IDEA’s roadmap. Today, with the increasing complexity and the increasing volume of data that needs to be exchanged, IDEA is focused on our mission to facilitate the exchange of complete, high-quality transactional and eCommerce product content and serve as the standards body for the electrical industry.” said David Oldfather, President and CEO of IDEA.

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