Jan 11, 2019

Rock McCartenBy Rick McCarten

Electro-Federation Canada will feature some unique opportunities at our annual conference in late May — all directed at making our industry more flexible and productive.

First and foremost, our first women President, Carol McGlogan will host our first women in industry breakfast on the first day of the conference. As a woman in the industry, make a point of being there.

Second, we will feature our latest research project. We are working with Canadian utilities to study the effect of electrification in Canada. We see electricity becoming more and more the power of choice due to its ability to adapt, as well as its flexibility, reliability and efficiency. As the world moves to the Internet of Things — autonomous vehicles, robots, data collection, artificial intelligence — it must be powered by electricity and it must use electricity for fulfillment. This is a huge opportunity for our industry, for infrastructure, for development and application.

We start with a summit organized by Dave Klarer, NCS (our research chair) and EFC’s Swati Patel in late February with utilities and our members hearing presentations on studies performed in the United States and internationally by some of our bigger members.

Third, we are in the process of sending out a survey to our industry people under 40. A panel led by Kim Quelsh, Standard Products (our National Young Professional Network chair) and EFC’s Vivian Sadeh. This is not about Millennials. This is about our industry adaptation. This year marks when there will be more Millennials than baby boomers. This is about how the new people are gong to change our way of doing business. Gain insight into to their use of technology, how they will change the culture, and their take on the durability of our supply chain.

Next will be a breakfast for those companies who manufacture in Canada. What do they need from us and how can we grow this opportunity?

The last new thing will be a workshop. Grand scale workshop directed by Rick Pozniak, Rexel, chair of the Supply Chain committee and myself. The committee will work out a number of key questions that delegates will be asked to discuss around a table. The table will be asked to vote on those issues and from those votes we will make key decision on improving the supply chain.

We hope this will encourage participation. The direction for our industry in Canada will very much be decided at this meeting. You and your corporation need to be apart of it.

Join us at the Fairmont, Chateau Frontenac, Quebec City, Quebec, May 27-30, 2019.
PS. Still have keynote speakers, golf, head offices, awards, entertainment and tours as well.
Rick McCarten is VP, Operations, Electro-Federation Canada.
Watch for more on the event in upcoming issues of CEW.