Attend EFC’s 2016 AGM & Business Program — April 13All members are encouraged to attend Electro-Federation Canada (EFC)'s Annual General Meeting and Business Program, taking place at the Pearson Convention Center in Brampton, ON. The Board will review EFC's annual activities and objectives, and members will be asked to pass the resolution of the Board made in the past year and elect the 2016-17 Board of Directors. The official change of chairmanship will take place as well.

Prior to the AGM Program, this year's Industry Recognition Award will be presented to Bob Shapiro, Franklin Empire.  

Keynote speaker at this year’s event will be Jason Prevost, National Chair of EFC's Young Professionals Network (shown here). Prevost’s topic: Young Professionals Network — Paving the Path for Emerging Talent to Give, Gather and Grow.  

Since the launch of EFC’s Young Professionals Network (YPN) in late 2015, this fast-growing group has been instrumental in championing the new program. Led by Prevost, this network of young professionals has access to social engagement, training and education opportunities to help them give, gather and grow in our industry. Jason will provide an overview of YPN’s program developments and will share insight on how your company can become more involved and can help play a leading role in bridging generational gaps, strengthening industry programs and best practices to push this industry towards excellence in the marketplace. 

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