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Building Your BusinessBy Paul Eitmant

It is always interesting to see manufacturers develop new products for the electrical industry. Lately we have seen an influx of hi-tech products that require a special type of salesperson at the distributor level.

Over the past few years we’ve seen CFL and LED lighting, solar energy, wind power, Wi-Fi enabled lighting solutions, and the expansion of industrial controllers that incorporate new features and related benefits.

The challenge for electrical distribution: are you willing to invest time and money in this new hi-tech market by hiring and training salespeople who have the skills to pitch the product and the expertise to answer relevant questions that will arise during a typical sales call?

It is easy for manufacturers when an established platform partner introduces this type of new product to market on your behalf. You know from experience that they will have the correct training tools for your employees. It is not so easy for distributors when a manufacturer whose existing product line represents less than one half of one percent of your total sales walks into your office with a new, improved product for your business to market.  Over the past few years we have been working with hi-tech product manufacturers and distributors that have successfully entering the marketplace. In preparation for this article, I conducted a follow-up survey. The results, appearing below, could help you make this crucial decision for your business in the future.
1. Understand your customer profile and where your company will be 5 years from now
All of us have been through the turmoil of the last 10 years. The question is how will your business survive another downturn in the major product market mix that you currently represent.
To continue growing your distribution business, you must understand where your business comes from and where you want to be in five years. Most of you consider this on an ongoing basis. However, we do know there will always be change. During your next team meeting/planning meeting, take time to look at your business and products into new markets starts.

2. Apply a team approach: top down and bottom up always works
No matter the size of your company and the new product selection process you are currently using, the distributors and manufacturers I surveyed stated (100% agreement) that the only true way to ensure success is to obtain total buy-in from top management and the key employee group that will be responsible for the selection process. In other words, the primary stakeholders. This held true for every success story that was surveyed.

3. Provide training at every level
Regardless of what new hi-tech product was being introduced, both the manufacturer and the distributor team stated that training is the most crucial element in the launch kit for taking a new product to market. They went on to state that training must be provided to the outside sales staff as well as inside sales and customer service. This will ensure that any representative that a prospective customer comes in contact with will be able to answer questions or direct the customer to the appropriate group. Therefore, it is imperative for distributors to implement the entire training package.

4. Prepare your elevator speech — features and benefits for end users
No one has time to listen to a 45-minute presentation. Therefore, ensure every member of your sales team knows the five major features and related benefits for end users. One successful strategy I have seen is to print and distribute product cards with a bullet point list of features and attributes for sales and support staff to keep handy. This is not a must, but it will ensure that everyone on the team understands the new product.

5. Knowledge of competitors’ specs
No matter how new a product, competitors will often have comparable products. Therefore, it is imperative for your entire sale teams to be aware of competitors in this marketplace. Ensure manufacturers review competitive offerings with the sales team during the training process.

6. Identify your target market and supply a product launch kit
All the distributors that were surveyed stated the manufacturer must supply a complete launch kit as well as in-depth knowledge of the target market trading area the distributor is currently serving. A typical launch kit includes:
•    brochures
•    data sheets
•    samples
•    ad campaign material and schedule
•    price sheets and discount schedule
•    a web page
•    Internet access to video/ training modules that customers can view from their location.

7. Conduct joint sales calls
Joint sales calls with the distributor’s salesperson is a must. In every case there is nothing better than a face-to-face sales call to ensure that both the distributor’s sales personnel and the end-user understand how this new product will improve the end-user’s current situation.

8. Team meetings within the first few weeks after the product launch
Stay in constant communication — formally or informally — with team members who are involved in this new product/target market program. Bottom line: you need feedback from your sale team, including any challenging questions they’ve encountered from end users so that you can continuously improve the training process.

9. Publish your first success
Nothing breeds more success than publicizing your first order. I see testimonials as one of the biggest factors in securing new business for the distributor as well as the manufacturer. Some of you may be hesitant to tell your competitor how successful you been. However, in most cases I’ve seen only more success with this when it is accomplished in a professional manner. The distributor can always rely on the manufacturer to handle this process.

10. Offer end user training/introduction seminars
Inviting end-users to attend an in-house training seminar at the distributor location or a neutral location is a practice in use for years. Depending on the product, the interaction between end users will contribute to future success. In all cases I have seen these types of seminars to be very successful and well attended.

11. Know that new hi-tech products will be available at a faster rate in the future
 We are seeing new high-tech products in TV commercials and on web pages every day. The question arises: when will these products be adapted to the electrical industrial/commercial marketplace?

The challenge for distributors today and in the future is to be aware of the current situation and be able to identify new products that will fit your expanding product market mix. At the same time, you must be able to look at your company from outside your comfort zone — “think out of the box” — and be willing to invest time and effort in launching these products into a new marketplace in a way that will enhance their growth rate now and in the future.

Paul Eitmant is President and CEO of IP Group International, which serves the needs of business-to-business enterprises in over 30 countries worldwide by adding specialized expertise to the business planning and implementation process; Tel: 480.488.5646480.488.5646; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Carol McGloganBy Carol McGlogan

EFC kicked off 2021 with an outstanding webinar featuring Janice Gross Stein, renowned Canadian political scientist, founder of the Munk School of Global Affairs and recipient of the Order of Canada. Ms. Stein has spoken at previous EFC conferences, earning many accolades, and this session was no different as we learned what to look for as the Biden Administration takes hold of the White House.

Our close economic ties to the U.S. means that Canadians must “keep up with the Administrations” to survive. Janice focused her discussions on industrial policy and climate change within an active intervening government.

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Daniela De MarcoBy Daniela De Marco

When it comes to EFC’s membership, there is no shortage of talent and expertise. The electrical community is innovative and at the forefront of powering our changing world. In 2020, EFC released a call to members for a chance to participate in the recently launched electro|POD — EFC’s Electrical Community Podcast.

Together with Gurvinder Chopra, VP Standards and Regulations, EFC, Rob McIntrye, recently retired Business Sections Manager, expert member Vladimir Gagachev, Manager Codes & Standards, Eaton Industries (Canada), and myself, Daniela De Marco...

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Digital IntensityAdoption of digital technologies by Canadian industries is associated with higher labour productivity growth and greater resilience to the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. From 2002 to 2019, labour productivity grew 22.1% in digitally intensive sectors — more than three times higher than in non-digitally intensive sectors. 

Over the past two decades, Canada has embraced digital technologies at an unprecedented pace and breadth as businesses and individuals have relied increasingly on digital products and services. 



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Canadian Business Counts - December 2020The COVID-19 pandemic continues to alter the business landscape. Some businesses have closed permanently, some have grown and others have been temporarily closing or reopening. In October, for example, the number of business openings (41,910) exceeded the number of business closures (32,420) for the fourth consecutive month.

As a result, the number of active businesses in October edged up 0.6%. Despite the slight increase, the number of active businesses was down 6.7% from February 2020.*

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David GordonBy David Gordon

Gene Biben, formerly President and CEO of Biben Sales, joined Channel Marketing Group earlier this month. Gene’s avowed desire is to “give back” to the industry, to help people work together. He will help reps achieve their goals and manufacturers optimize their performance, and relationship, to and with manufacturer reps. He’ll additionally support Channel Marketing Group clients’ research needs.

While Gene is well known by many manufacturers, we thought it would be interesting to ask him to consider changes he has seen over the years.

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Darci SpiteriBy Darci Spiteri 

This past month marked one year since stepping onto a job site and starting my electrical apprenticeship. Little did I know 2020 would throw in some curveballs, but it was a pretty fantastic year for self-development when I sit back and reflect. 

Enter Pandemic, worldwide lockdowns, and my Jobsite shutting down for a month. Losing hours was a downside and with my apprenticeship being based on the number of hours worked, moving onto my second year will take a little extra time. 



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Changing Scene

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Guillevin International, has announced the acquisition of Dubo Électrique Ltd., one of the largest ...
Acuity Brands, Inc. has announced Trevor S. Palmer was appointed President of the ...
ABB is hosting a Smart Building thought leadership session with six webinars presented by industry ...
Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC) announced the recipients of their Awards of Excellence ...
Guillevin International has announced the creation of a new division, Guillevin Datacom, ...
Website visitors to the freshly designed IMARK Group website will learn about all of the benefits ...
WESCO International, Inc. has announced its results for the fourth quarter and full year ...
Deschenes Group Inc. (DGI) has acquired Daltco Electric effective February 1st, 2021.   ...
With 28 years of commitment to Canadian independent distributors, and as a sign of its focus on ...
Rexel announced it has acquired the Canadian Utility business of WESCO International (WESCO Canada ...


Seth Cook and Kerith RichardsService Wire Co. promotes Kerith Richards to Regional Sales Manager – Canada and expands Seth Cook’s sales territory to better serve the commercial and industrial markets.

Kerith Richards will serve as Regional Sales Manager based out of Service Wire’s corporate headquarters, where she will be responsible for commercial and industrial sales in all provinces. In addition, Richards will continue her role as Sales Representative for Saskatoon, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador. 



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Guillevin International Acquires Wesco's Canadian Datacom BusinessGuillevin International has announced the creation of a new division, Guillevin Datacom, which will be dedicated exclusively to various network infrastructure products. To support this new division and ensure its success, Guillevin acquires the Canadian Datacom business of WESCO International, whose team will join Guillevin's Canadian operations.

"We have targeted the WESCO business to launch our Datacom division because of the team's agility, expertise and in-depth knowledge of products from the industry's leading suppliers", said Luc Rodier, Guillevin's President and CEO. 


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Ingo BankAt its February 23 meeting, the Osram Supervisory Board appointed Ingo Bank as CEO until the end of April 2023. As announced, he will take over the role in addition to his position as Chief Financial Officer of majority owner ams.

The Supervisory Board also appointed Babette Fröhlich as Labor Director and thus to the Management Board of OSRAM Licht AG. The 55-year-old is to head the Corporate HR departments of Osram and the future combined company after the Domination and Profit and Loss Transfer Agreement signed with ams comes into force. 


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Aton Morrison of AppnovationOn February 24th  EFC conducted their Marketing Network meeting with a guest speaker Anton Morrision from Appnovation presents on the topic of “Integrated Marketing”, . EFC also shared information on EFC programs.

EFC also introduced Meena Bajwa, Schneider Electric as the new Marketing Network Chair and thanked Tom Mason, Sonepar, for his leadership, dedication as Chair and congratulations as he moves onto a new role at his organization.




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IMARKWebsite visitors to the freshly designed IMARK Group website will learn about all of the benefits that accrue to members and suppliers in all IMARK divisions (Electrical.

HVACR, and Plumbing/Irrigation) as well as Luxury Products Group which supports decorative showrooms and IM Supply which is a national account sales solution for IMARK Group members. The website features videos from group leadership as well as an introductory video on the home page.




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Peers & Profiles

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Six years ago in February 2015, I interviewed David Nathaniel and called the profile I wrote “A ...
“It was quite surprising,” said Stephanie Smith of being named EHRC’s Leader of the Year. ...
Ariane Cardinal is Director of Planning, Purchasing, and Distribution with Stelpro.   ...
Electrimat is an independent Quebec-owned company that has specialized for 40 years in the ...
In July, Eaton announced that Vice President, Channel – Electrical Sector, Matt Cleary would be ...
Mission Technical Solutions is a recently established sales agency founded by industry veteran ...
Omid Nadi, Trade Marketing Manager with Ledvance, is a Ryerson University grad coming out of their ...


David NathanielBy Line Goyette

Six years ago in February 2015, I interviewed David Nathaniel and called the profile I wrote “A Talent for Being There at the Right Time.” We met again this past February, this time virtually (without a cup of his wonderful expresso coffee). What follows is a summary of our conversation — “A Talent for Still Being There at the Right Time — Part 2.”

My first question to David was, what has happened in those six years? “Everything,” he said, and he started to laugh. “Obviously, we faced a lot of disruption from LED technology. 

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EHRC Leader of the Year Stephanie SmithBy Blake Marchand

“It was quite surprising,” said Stephanie Smith of being named EHRC’s Leader of the Year. “Leadership in 2020 has certainly been a challenge for everybody in the world let alone the nuclear industry or the electricity industry.”

An engineer by trade, Smith spent the majority of her career with Ontario Power Generation (OPG). She was the first woman to be certified by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission at the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station where she served as Plant Manager and was recently named the first President and CEO of CANDU Owners Group. Smith is also a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion.

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